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*UPDATE: This article has been amended due to the release of new rumors...

Nintendo NX shaped news has been firing itself out of the web at an outrageous rate the last few months. We've picked up random nuggets of news and tried to arrange them into some kind of decipherable pudding of factual entertainment, and I've discussed at length just how bloody excited I am for the thing.

But with the rumor train being the rumor train, rumor has sprung up regarding the NX's trusty controllers. And these new bits concentrate on the NX's controllers especially.

Feels So NXy

Pictured: Not the NX controller, but Link's handy new tablet - Sheikah Slate
Pictured: Not the NX controller, but Link's handy new tablet - Sheikah Slate

Now we've all read about those crazy sounding controllers that Eurogamer said would not only sit snugly on both sides of the device's screen, but also house the NX's Tegra processor and the rest of the console's brains, now it seems as if Nintendo is looking at making Wiimotes slightly redundant. Amongst some other dope additions.

According to a scoop over on We Play Video Games, the controllers will comprise of basic motion controls on par with the later-released Wii Remote Plus (the one that came with Wii Sports Resort). So you'll be able to disrupt as many journeys as you feel by swinging pieces of plastic around on the bus, like a lunatic.

But don't fret, purists. The Wiimote won't become wholly redundant, as they will work with a select few titles on the NX. Like Just Dance 2017! Yes, the game we've all been waiting for will be compatible with various play-styles on NX, which is great for those of you who play Just Dance 2017. Which is everyone seemingly.

Shake Me To My Core

Pictured: No NX controllers to be found here either. JUST RELEASE SOME NEWS, NINTENDO!!!
Pictured: No NX controllers to be found here either. JUST RELEASE SOME NEWS, NINTENDO!!!

And onto the next highpoint: force-feedback. The NX's controllers are said to have a high-tech vibration system that will allow for varying levels of feedback, which could range anywhere between the light, fuzzy sensation of someone catching a soft ball, to the hard clang of a sword ricocheting of shield. Which is pretty ace if you ask me.

Man if at least one of the craziest NX rumors comes true, then we're going to be in for one hell of a console, whether it be handheld, better suited for bedrooms or both! Who knows. Here's hoping Nintendo reveal something fairly swiftly, huh?!

*Push My Buttons

Anonymous sources have recently revealed to Let's Play Video Games the difference in the NX's supposed D-Pads to older Nintendo controllers. The NX's D-Pad is said to be made from split and separate buttons, as opposed to the solid state D-Pads of the past.

Image source -
Image source -

This hints toward one of the NX's controllers not having the age-old A, B, X, Y layout, instead choosing to use the split D-Pad as buttons alongside a thumbstick. This could make the NX an even greater multiplayer proposal.

Also, the controller is said to have a share feature and button similar to that of the PS4. So you will be able to save and upload screenshots to all of your social media hot spots, including Miiverse, and even transfer them to a removable storage device. Cannot wait.

What do you think?

Even more excited for the Nintendo NX?

(Source: Let's Play Video Games)


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