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This is the second half of a two part article. Take a look at the first part here if you haven't already.

Let’s just get straight to it, shall we?

5. Megatron (Transformers: Devastation)

“One shall stand, one shall fall”

Transformers Devastation, aside from being a really fun game, is one massive love letter to the original generation of Transformers. The final battle is no different. The first phase of the fight takes place on Earth as you face off against Megatron for control of the Ferrotaxis, a Cybertronian relic containing eons of lost history and culture. During the first faze, you play as your preferred Autobot (Grimlock, in my case) against the leader of the Decepticons. Megatron’s attacks are fast, frequent, and brutal. Not only can he use vehicle attacks, but he can make fire pillars burst up in random places around the battle field. Not only that, but keeping a distance and trying to shoot him won’t help, as he’ll just shoot you with his arm cannon. The shots he fires are hard to avoid, due to their sheer speed, and can freeze you in place for further punishment. If you don’t bring your A-game to this fight, Megatron will leaving a permanent imprint of his foot in your butt.

Once the first phase is done, Megatron will take the Ferrotaxis and shoot it into space. Optimus Prime chases after it, with Megatron in hot pursuit. The two then clash in space with a nice metal score in the backround. This faze of the battle is similar to the last. However, there is a cinematic flair to this part of the fight. As they trade blows, Optimus and Megatron will banter with one another. Here’s a sample.

Megatron: Why must you always interfere!?

Optimus: You would place Cybertron at the centre of the Universe.

Megatron: Cybertron is the centre of my universe. How is it not the heart of yours!?

Optimus: Cybertron is about all life. Destruction to keep Cybertron on life support…There must be another way!

The battle ends with Megatron and Optimus clashing head to head before Optimus lays the final smackdown on Megatron, the same way he did in Transformers the Movie. This fight gets points for it’s dramatic flare, it’s awesome music, it’s fun factor, and it’s depiction of a clash between age old rivals.

4.02 (Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards)

One of the things I like about Kirby games overall is the darker undertones you find in the final boss. We have Marx, who crashed into NOVA, died, and was resurrected by Nova’s remains as Marx Soul. We have Queen Sectonia, who forcefully fused her body with the Dreamstalk to become all powerful. Finally, we have 0, a manifestation of evil bent on corrupting Popstar and all other worlds with darkness. 0 was defeated at the end of Kirby’s Dreamland 3 for the SNES. However, his reincarnation appears at the end of Kirby 64 to have a second crack at the pink puff.

In order to get the chance to face O2, you have to collect all one hundred pieces of the Rainbow Crystal. These crystal shards are scattered about the levels, some are hidden while others are more obvious. Once all the crystal shards are collected, you will gain access to Dark Star after defeating Miracle matter. Darkstar only has one level leading up to the confrontation with 02. It’s a short stage where all of your companions lend a hand. Once DeDeDe launches you into the air, you are greeted with a round angelic looking creature with band-aids on it’s head and a yellow halo. Then the creature opens it’s mouth, wider and wider. it’s beady black eyes vanish as a red eye appears where it’s mouth used to be. It’s wing unfurl to reveal long red feathers. And then the music starts.

The battle itself is very simplistic in it’s execution. You fly around in a third person perspective, firing at 02’s eye with the Crystal Gun. Once his eye takes enough hits, he’ll be stunned and you’ll get the chance to fire at the band-aids on his head. Once that takes enough hits, 02 will flail around and reveal his weak spot; a green tail thing covered it spikes that emits some kind of green gas. 02’s health only goes down when you’re attacking the tail. The tail withdraws after a bit and you have to start shooting at the eye while avoiding 02’s constant attacks. You can slow 02 down by shooting his wings while his weak spot is exposed. This makes avoiding his attacks and shooting his eye a lot easier.

The thing that makes this battle so memorable is the atmosphere. The score that plays during the battle is amazing. The score utilizes a synthetic choir and orchestra to make feel as though you really are battling a fallen angel. This fight is also quite dark. The backround is a hellish mix of red and black. There’s also the fact that 02’s eye BLEEDS when you shoot it. BLOOD. In a KIRBY game. Regardless, this fight holds a place in my heart as being my ultimate favorite Kirby boss battle. Deep, dark, dramatic, and an overall splendid finale to a good game.

3. Dark Bowser (Mario and Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story)

This was a toss up between this and the Shadow Queen from Paper Mario: Thousand Year Door. Normally I would just do a tie. But considering how big this piece already is, I’ll stick with Dark Bowser from Bowser’s Inside Story. At this point of the game, the Dark Star (Not to be confused with the one from the last entry) has copied Bowser’s DNA and united with Fawful in order to complete itself. Now at full strength, Dark Bowser plans to swallow the entire Mushroom Kingdom in darkness. Dark Bowser releases a vortex of darkness that starts to envelope the land, trapping everyone within. Bowser and the Bros need to stop Dark Bowser while there’s still a Mushroom Kingdom to save.

The fight starts off with the two Bowsers facing off against each other. Dark Bowser used it’s own dark powers in combination with Bowsers abilities to launch menacing attacks. You’re going to need all of your countering skills in order to avoid taking serious damage. Dark Bowser even has his own minions to fight you with. After he takes enough punishment, Dark Bowser will fall over, only to be revived by Fawful and become bigger.

One punch to the gut is all you need to make Dark Bowser spit out Fawful, who has been transformed into the Dark Star’s Core. You need to inhale Fawful in order to start the next stage of the fight. Once inside Bowser’s body, it’s time for Mario and Luigi to take on Fawful. Like Cackletta and Elder Princess Shroob before him, Fawful’s week spot is well protected. You first have to blind Fawful by breaking his glasses, then you have to take out the tentacles he’s standing on. Only then will you get the chance to deal any lasting damage to him. After a few turns, Fawful will return to dark Bowser and the cycle repeats.

Like the 02 battle, this battle gets serious points for it’s atmosphere and it’s music. Entitled “In the Final”, the epic score that accompanies the fight match the mood perfectly. It complements just how serious the terms of this fight are. It’s a fight to the finish, and everyone is here. Bowser, the Bros, even Peach is here to witness this ultimate throw down. This fight also gets points for the symbolism. Having fawful inside Dark Bowser as the core creates a dark version of your own adventure, as Mario and Luigi have been inside Bowser’s body for the majority of the game. The game couldn’t have ended on a better note than this.

2. Ganon (Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of time)

Oh Ocarina of Time, a game that has been long heralded as one of the GREATEST GAMES OF ALL TIME. Now, I personally wouldn’t go THAT far, but OOC would definitely be on my top 10 somewhere (Possible spoilers for a future list). As it stands. Though it might not live up to all the hype that’s been heaped on it over the years, there’s definitely something to be said about the final confrontation against Ganon at the end of the game.

Ganondorf has been looming in the background throughout most of the game. We first see him in Zelda’s garden, as Young Zelda is spying on him through the window. At this point, he’s just a man with olive green skin who hails from the desert. Zelda makes it clear that this guy is a threat but we don’t get the full scope of that until you return to the castle after collecting the Sacred Stones. At this point, Ganondorf has made his move and betrayed the royal family. Zelda barely escapes, leaving the Ocarina of Time behind for you. Link tries to face Ganandorf when he asks about Zelda but gets blown aside like a fly. Upon retrieving the Master Sword at the Temple of Time, we learn that Ganondorf followed you there and was using you to gain access to the Sacred Realm (Which is odd, considering he can clearly be seen riding AWAY from the castle a cutscene ago.)

Ganondorf then takes over Hyrule and plunges it into darkness over the course of seven years. We see the results of this the instant Adult Link steps out of the temple. The sky is dark, the wind howls, the greenery is now brown and dead. Castle town is in ruins and redeads stalk what’s left of the once bustling town. We meet a new character called Shiek, who is later relieved to by Zelda. Unfortunately, Zelda is captured the instant she reveals herself because apparently Ganondorf was watching the whole time (If he was watching Link the whole time, why didn’t he just kill him then?). Fast forward a bit and you’ve reached the top of Ganondorf’s tower. At this point, you can hear an organ playing that gets louder and louder as you progress. This does a great job of building up the tension toward the final fight. So, you get confront Ganondorf, he stops playing the organ to spout some exposition, and the fight starts. The battle against Ganondorf is easy enough. Just play PONG with the energy blasts he throws at you and smack him while he’s stunned. Upon beating him the first time, Zelda will be freed and it looks like the end.


Ganondorf’s not out of tricks just yet, as his next play is to bring the whole castle down on both Link and Zelda and take them out with him. After fighting through some Stalfos and dodging some flaming rocks, you make it out of the castle and it collapses in on itself. It looks like the end.


Ganon bursts out of the rubble, breathing hard, his eyes glowing menacingly. As his last gambit, he transforms into the final boss of the game; Ganon. He swats the Master sword away from you and prepares to end you. Like the fight with Ganondorf, he’s not that hard once you’ve figured him out. Just shoot him in the face with a light arrow and then hit his tail while he’s stunned. This fight makes the list for the sheer spectacle. You fight Ganon on the ruins of his castle, surrounded by a ring of fire as the monstrous Ganon slowly makes his way toward you, swinging those massive golden swords. I have to give the classic version a few more points then the 3DS version for one little detail; In the N64 version, the darkness makes it hard to tell just what it is you’re fighting. The only things you can really make out his Ganon’s glowing eyes and large blades. Not even your companion Navi can grasp Ganon’s true form. There’s more. If you run out of arrows or magic, you can substitute the Longshot, though the stun doesn’t last as long. As Ganon smashes his way through the rubble, it will drop arrows and magic for you. Every time you take a hit, Zelda will scream in terror.

That’s just the presentation, lets talk about that music, oh god, the music. The score that plays during this battle features a synthetic orchestra and choir that brings both an epic and sombre feel to the battle. If I was to make a top 10 best boss tracks, this would instantly be no.1. Anyway, once Ganon has taken enough hits, you’ll be able to get the Master sword back and you get to lay the final smack down on the beast. My younger mind was blown to bits by this fight. This fight is just one big spectacle of a battle that I still enjoy going back to.

1. Dr. Wiel (Magaman Zero 4)

This battle has one thing going for it that none of the others have. While the previous entries to this list have been the grand finale for their respective games, this final boss was the finale of an entire series. I’m a big fan of Magaman, and the Megaman Zero games were among my favorite games on the Gameboy Advance. The games got better and better as the series went on and this battle tied it all together in a neat perfect little bow.

Though we don’t see Dr. Wiel until Zero 3, it is mentioned at the end of Zero 2 that he is the responsible for placing a curse on the Dark Elf that made it the sinister force it is now. In Zero 3, however, we learn just what a character this guy is. Dr. Wiel was a human scientist during the Maverick Wars of the X series. With his genius combined with that of his coworker, an ancestor of Ciel, the first Cyber-Elf was created; the Mother Elf. X used the Mother Elf to eliminate the Maveric virus and end the war for good. However, that wasn’t enough for Weil. He held reploids responsible for the destruction the Maverick wars caused. Thus, he began Project Elpizo, a plan to combine the Mother Elf with his creation Omega in order to enslave the entire Reploid population. This lead to the Elf Wars, a war so terrible that 60% of all human and 90% of all Reploids were wiped out. Weil was eventually stopped and banished from the human society.

Fast forward to Zero 4. Dr Weil has completely taken over Neo arcadia and rules over it as a dictator. Anyone who does not fall in line is eliminated, be they human or Reploid. When he caught wind of a settlement outside of Nero Arcadia, he set out to destroy it with his Eight Warriors. When that didn’t work, he tried to use his orbital satellite cannon Ragnarok, only for it to be turned against him by Craft. However, it seems that Ragnarok now is on a collision course with the settlement. As Zero, you go back to Ragnarok, only to discover that Weil has somehow survived and is directing the satellite. He then merges his cybernetic body with the core of Ragnarok to create a battle armor for himself. Thus, the first stage of the fight with him begins. Weil will teleport around and fire a variety of projectile. This ranges from falling daggers, to boulders, to waves of energy blasts. He’ll even bring back the bosses from Zero 3 to attack you. This fight is a bit tricky. Not only is there no real rhythm to his attacks, but his teleporting can make you slip up and waste a charged attack.

Upon his defeat, he will merge with Ragnarok itself, turning into a mechanical monstrosity in the process. At this point, Weil doesn’t care about surviving this. He just wants to take out as many people with him as he can and would do so gleefully. If he can’t have the world, no one will. Now, you have two minutes to take down Weil for good before Ragnarock his the settlement and kills everyone. Weil will sit unmoving at the right end of the screen, his head protected by a large grey spike. From there, he will attack with energy blasts that split apart, small projectiles from above, firing the spike at you, and fireing massive laster beams. The spike will only lower when Weil is about to attack, so you need good timing in order to avoid taking a hit. Once again, the music that plays during this part of the fight is fantastic and really helps to set the mood for the fight.

This battle gets points for being a solid and challenging fight against a character that is made to be someone you would love to hate. I’ve played through this battle over and over for the sheer feeling of catharsis for being able to finally put Weil down for good. However, this fight gets the most points for the finality it brings. This is the last boss battle in the Magaman Zero series. It’s clear that the developers wanted to go out on the best note possible and they pulled it off. As the credits roll, you feel like the world has been saved. Now it’s time to pick up the pieces and start anew. That’s why the final battle with Dr. Weil is my favorite Boss fight of all time.


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