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In most parkour-oriented games, falling means hitting the cold, hard ground. But in game developer Klei's upcoming title, Hot Lava, it means being incinerated by the burning pools of magma that cover every square inch of ground.

Taking its inspiration from the childhood game of "the floor is lava," this game starts innocently with jumping from chair to couch, but quickly escalates to massive leaps through lava-filled underground caverns.

You will be able to swing as well using book cases, pipes, ropes, fixtures, and ledges. And you'll soon be out of the house and into an office environment as well as a school.

Not only will you be jumping and climbing in first person, but Klei has also added in a frictionless sliding mechanic. Certain slick surfaces will allow you surf along them for maximum movement. Just make sure not to slip off or else you'll be the next sacrifice to the volcano god.

Klei's Hot Lava is currently in development, but looks far along based on the footage in the video. You can sign up for beta on the official site if you want to try it out early. No word yet on the exact release date.

Are We Reaching Peak Parkour? Where Do We Go From Here?

Since the early arcade and Atari era, jumping has been a staple of video games. Really, Mario is a 2D parkour game, in a way. Recently, 3D platforming and parkour has brought an excitement to it that Mario just can't compete with.

No game mastered this feature better than 2008's Mirror's Edge except the Assassin's Creed series. Parkour is still a constant staple today, even shooters like Titanfall 2 and Overwatch (Lucio has wall-running abilities) as well as in the upcoming parkour-focused games like Mirror's Edge 2: Catalyst.

In these titles, players are usually dodging bullets or bad guys as they are soaring through empty spaces from great heights. But with Klei's Hot Lava it looks like we're getting a more pure iteration of climbing, jumping, and rolling. Just a strict focus on the technique of parkour.

It also looks like we're getting a sense of playfulness that is missing in these other titles.

Working with the childhood fantasy theme, the trailer above shows funny cartoons on the TV and our hero playing with toy cars like a kid. Not a bad reward after an intense session of jumping over lava. I think I'll take that over yet another achievement badge.

Whatever you do, just don't touch the floor. It's lava.

What's Your Favorite Parkour Game?

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