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The Internet loves Shiba Inus and Overwatch, so why not both together? The owner of one such dog named Vox, has been cosplaying their pet as various Overwatch heroes with spectacular results.

Tracer Doge

Vox isn't just any ordinary cosplaying dog. He is also an accomplished painter with his own Twitch channel with almost 9,000 subs.

Mercy Doge

Vox's paintings are for sale and the proceeds go towards animal causes such as Underdog Rescue.

Mei Doge

Vox also has his own Patreon page if you want to donate towards even more cosplay creations.

Junkrat Doge

As you can see, each one of Vox's outfits are getting more and more detailed. His owner Taylor said that he is new to cosplay, but he is clearly learning quickly.

D.Va Doge

If you've been enjoying Vox's cosplay, you can vote on his next outfit in the next 24 hours on his Twitter poll.

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