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I make Daily Game Tips, mostly for Pokemon Go right now, but I'll make some for other games!

Hey Gamers! Welcome to Daily Game Tips!

Now for those of you who read my posts (thanks so much by the way :D), you may have noticed that this is a different game....

I am preparing a MASSIVE post for Generation 2 in Pokemon Go, so stay tuned for that in the next couple of days. It'll be a lot longer than the usual small posts that I do for you guys.

I've been playing this game for about a day now and let me tell you this game is actually pretty fun. It's in early access now, so you can only play it through Steam. Click here to create a completely free and safe account, with loads of fun coming your way!

Summary of AdVenture Communist
Just like AdVenture Capitalist (its previous game), the goal is to get better and better by tapping an icon. As you continue to tap, you can get farmers to do your bidding, but farmers need resources, so you tap those. In the end you end up with tons and tons of automated systems running your nation.

There are five tabs. The first one, the main screen, is where you grow Potatoes, and provide farmers:

Here is where you can create potatoes. The farmers are on the bottom.

It keeps on going like this, with land and workers, ore and miners, weapons and soldiers, medicine and nurses.

Create land for your workers
Create land for your workers
Miners mine ore, which is required for things
Miners mine ore, which is required for things
Weapons are created by soldiers
Weapons are created by soldiers
Finally, nurses make medicine
Finally, nurses make medicine

My opinion on this game
Overall, this game has gotten me addicted. Its so simple and easy to learn, while giving hours of fun. I cant wait for the day when my nation can sustain itself, without me clicking over and over (its so tiring)

How can I get better?
I'm not sure if this is cheating, but if you really dislike clicking, you can download an auto clicker. Keep in mind I'm not supporting cheating, but an auto clicker is a great way to click faster. You can find one here.

Tips and Tricks
This is what my account is for right? Tips. So, here are some tips and tricks to rule your nation

  • Make sure to stock up on Potatoes. After your first day/night (the game runs after you close it, don't worry, its offline), Potatoes will be able to sustain themselves, but they're the most important thing in the game. Keep growing!
  • After your second day, you're going to need a LOT of land and ore. If you unlock the things on the right (costs scientists), then you'll find something that creates farmers/workers/miners/etc. These will make them so you don't have to. Get lots of land and ore so when you get to that point you'll be able to buy lots of those.
  • Get lots of workers. For some reason I find them the most important. Potatoes, as I said before, can sustain themselves, so just keep up the workers. They're the base foundation to get more miners and on. Miners need workers, Soldiers need miners, Nurses need soldiers. Stock up!
  • Dont stress about no progress. Remember that this game is like any other clicker game. If you have something that produces something based on time, it'll run by itself after you close the app.

Those are all the tips I have, if you need more info or tips you could use the AdVenture Capitalist Reddit, since there are some tips you could apply to AdComm. Keep in mind that the subreddit isn't the most crowded as the Reddit for Pokemon Go or AskReddit. There is also the AdVenture Communist Reddit, but as of right now there are only ~100 subscribers to the reddit.

Thanks for reading, and I also saw that one of my posts, "Hidden code in Pokemon Go has just been discovered", was featured on! I got over Four THOUSAND reads in under a day! Thanks so much!!

Happy Gaming!


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