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Imagine this: You're staring at a blank canvas and a piece of paper. On these white spaces you're going to project the ideas in your mind's eye for your first video game in a cohesive and relatable manner so that others can engage with your concept. You'll show them the characters, the world, the levels on the canvas, and tell them the story, your gameplay ideas and what your protagonist is like on the paper. What do you think you'd create?

Well, for Koola and Viv, two passionate game creators from the South of France, the idea they tried to sell revolved around puzzles, beautiful environments, robot beings and a cat. And you know what? It looks sensational.

Two Developers, One Cat

In development since early October 2015, HK is an adventure game captured in Unreal Engine 4. The game will allow players to take control of a cat as it explores futuristic landscapes on all fours. But the fascinating thing about this game is how complete its early impressions appear, both in terms of art design and animation. I mean, for a game that has two people working on it, I'm surprised by how complete this idea appears. Hence why I felt compelled to write about it. I mean, check this:

What you're looking at here is one month's work of environmental graphic testing, animation rendering and gameplay programming. We're watching the first steps of a digital cat, and they're impressive ones to say the least.

I enjoy early glimpses of games. I mean, game development is a strange, mythical thing to me and I'm not entirely sure how anything works or how convoluted the process must be. But this team of two seem to be doing something quite unique with HK.

The second update from the team gave us an insight into what months of work was focused on: animal behavior. The developers explained how Unreal 4 was mainly tailored towards the creation of bipedal beings as protagonists, as opposed to, you know, cats. Therefore, they needed to spend a great deal of time ensuring the animal's animations were fluid and that his head didn't pass through walls. They even went through 14,450,221 iterations of a jump in order to ensure the cat didn't fall. You never really consider how tedious game development must be sometimes...

If you want to know more about this game, here are a few answers the devs gave to their community!

  • Their team is comprised of two humans and two cats.
  • It'll release on PC and potentially on the PS4, Xbox One and Atari2600...
  • It's in very early development and won't be ready for another year or two.
  • It won't launch in early access.
  • It's not a survival game, but rather a third-person solo adventure.
  • It's set in a dystopian, futuristic city.
  • The developers enjoy support in the form of money, comments and virtual hugs.

We've Got A Good Feline About This

There's something about this game's animation style that's drawn me in. The bouncy walk of the cat, the intriguing world it finds itself in, the cool robots, the Blade Runner vibes and these awesome graphic tests:

While we know very little about HK, we find it's important to highlight indie projects, regardless of the stage of production they may be in. Besides, how often to you get to talk about games with cats?

For more on this game, you can head over to its official site!

Would you play a game starring a cat?!


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