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Well, that didn't take long. World of Warcraft is known to have its speed levelers with the launch of every expansion, but 5-1/2 hours to reach 110 in Legion is record even for an MMO full of records.

The new speed feat is held by a European player named Fragrance who livestreamed his progress on his Twitch channel and is still doing so at the time of this writing on a number of alts.

A few things worked in his favor. First, the Legion expansion rolled out in Europe before it did in the Americas by 9 hours giving him a head start. (Though it rolled out even earlier in Asia, so it's not a world's first in hitting 110.)

Second, Fragrance practiced the route he would take in the Legion beta multiple times so he knew exactly what he would do and the most efficient way to do it. He ran quests from 101-109 with a dungeon run for the last level.

Lastly, he grouped his Demon Hunter with a Hunter friend which cut down on the time to take down monsters and kept the quest experience flowing.

There were reports of other players leveling faster, but it was a result of a bug allowing them to grind experience faster than they should. That was hotfixed and those accounts were either rolled back or suspended for knowingly exploiting a bug.

Amazon Was Not Prepared

However, all is not so great for other World of Warcraft players. Many of those that preordered the Collectors Edition physical boxes from Amazon with guaranteed delivery by launch day are finding themselves with no game.

Not only that, revised delivery dates from Amazon are currently estimated at a month away in some cases leading players to call Amazon to complain. But those complaints are falling on deaf ears with Amazon sending out notices that there is nothing they can do and not to contact them any more about the matter.

Those players are forced to go to their local retail store to buy the game and are cancelling their Amazon order as well as, in some cases, their Amazon accounts.

Smooth Launch for Legion

While previous expansion launches in WoW have been rocky for various reasons, the Legion launch has been smooth so far which is good news for all those who stayed up late for the servers to come up.

In the last expansion, Warlords of Draenor, a content bottleneck kept players from progressing. This time, Legion is designed to spread players out by scaling the content to the character's level no matter where they are (except for one high level zone).

So while Fragrance has carefully plotted a course to maximize his questing experience, you can easily quest anywhere in new expansion and progress quite nicely and be rewarded appropriately.

Hacker Hijinks Minimized

Also, Blizzard has taken measures to minimize DDOS and other hacker attacks on the game. The latest tactic of hackers is to target the ISP that Blizzard uses instead of Blizzard directly to disrupt the online game service.

But the launch beginning yesterday and through today has been going well for all regions. Expect more world firsts, speed runs, and general hijinks as players dive into the new content.

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