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While players across the world are jumping into the new WoW expansion with glee, most of us are still stuck at work or school all day.

That's where Reddit comes to the rescue with some launch day LoLs to feed our craving for all things Legion until we can get home and in front of our own PCs.

Here's our favorite funnies that the Reddit community has blessed us with so far on launch day.

Udderly Ridiculous

Redditor Not_Gene_Parmesan found this basic goods vendor in the Broken Shores, likely in the Tauren-heavy zone of Highmountain, selling a distressing amount of milk products. The name could not have been a mistake. Well, what can you do but support free range farmed goods?

Choose Your Own Demon Hunter Adventure

To keep players who are away from the computers feeling involved in the game, Redditor TheShrinkingGiant created a thread that is one long Choose Your Own Adventure set in the Broken Shores.

You are a level 100 Demon Hunter standing in a field extending to the west in the broken isles. A small camp with vendors lie to the east. To the north is a cave with lobstermen. To the south is a giant ocean. There is a herb here that looks to have alchemical or inscription purposes.

Directions: North South East West Hearth

<100% HP 0% Fury>

Each direction leads to another description with more choices. Take your Demon Hunter on a text adventure until you can get home and go out on a, um, real one?

The Sins of the Past

A long time ago, one player decided to grind out a few levels by killing guards in the druid enclave of Moonglade. That cost him faction with the Cenarion Circle, which, at the time, didn't matter. Oh, how times have changed.

The Cenarion Circle is now a critical part of the new Druid Artifact quest chain and Mr. Guard Killer is now persona non grata with that faction meaning he just missed out on the best weapon in the game for his class.

Not only is the Druid Artifact an amazing weapon, the entire expansion is tuned to its use, progression, and power. Without it, his druid would be so behind the curve as to be useless.

Apparently, the Blizzard devs took pity on him though and have hotfixed the issue so he can proceed the quest regardless of his checkered past of watonly murdering his fellow druids. So much for consequences in MMOs.

The One and Only Ashbringer

Ashbringer is one of the most iconic weapons in the lore of Warcraft, having been in the game forever. It has only been in the hands of famous NPCs and was critical in the fight against the Lich King in the Wrath expansion.

All that makes it kind of hilarious that the game now hands one out to every Retribution Paladin that walks into their Class Hall in Legion, as can be seen in the gif above.

Battlefield 1 Beta vs. World of Warcraft: Legion Launch

What else can be said here, but the guy has his priorities straight, you know?

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