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When we got a look at EA DICE's Battlefield 1 at E3 this year we weren't ready for the shock and awe of this World War I first person shooter. Commandeering battle blimps into the heart of the action? Check. Mounted combat with sabers? Check. Advanced weaponry tech tree? Check check double check.

Finally, this week, EA DICE has started distributing open beta codes for this much anticipated title. The players who signed up are digging in and they couldn't be happier.

But instead of just telling you, let's show you what they've been posting.

Beautiful Graphics Worthy of 4K TV

The Frostbite engine used to render the game has done such a great job that one player decided to show it off. He removed the HUD and ran around the game recording it at 4K resolution so you can see how gorgeous it is.

Sandstorms Will Blow You Away

The weather effects in the game are top notch. Watch how a sandstorm blows in on this poor player as they try to maneuver their tank in on enemy lines. No GPS or infrared scopes to increase your vision range in this time period. Another great example of the immersion this game is quickly getting a reputation for.

But What's The Combat Like?

Battle is just as bloody and vicious as you can imagine it would be back then. Hand to hand combat with saber and rifle gives you plenty of opportunity to get promoted by racking up the kills.

But Won't Snipers Take Me Out On Horseback?

Not to worry. A Z-formation run and a quick saber swipe is all it takes to deal with snipers. And since horses are more agile, they can be used to flank a more unwieldy armored vehicle so you can toss a few grenades in and ride off into the sunset. Your trusty steed can also be used to drop of supplies such as ammo and bandages to allies.

But I Like to Shoot Things From The Sky

You can shoot down planes. You can snipe pilots out of their ships. You can even run down parachuting pilots if that's your thing. The game is introducing a new pilot class who has specialized skills up in the skies. And the two seater planes allow for a pilot and a gunner who can look around independently of where the plane is headed.

But I Like Tanks As Well

There's plenty of love for tank lovers, too, as you can see in this 10-minute player made tank video above. Tanks were first created in World War 1 and the designers of the game made sure to not only offer many types and styles, but also a specific class of driver you can play just for these vehicles.

Maybe they showed too much love. There are complaints that tanks are overpowered in certain modes in Open Beta. There may be some tweaks ahead before the game launches in October.

Maybe It's Not For Everyone...

Though it has to be said that not all players are having a great time in the Battlefield 1 Open Beta. Not everyone can get out of a building alive, for example...

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