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We are heading closer to the official (and I don't say this lightly) release day for one of the most anticipated games, Final Fantasy XV (Final Fantasy 15). After the "Uncovered: Final Fantasy XV" event held in Los Angeles earlier this year, audiences and outside viewers were given the gift of having the game moved a month forward to September 30th. A treat was delivered alongside the news, the Platinum Demo: Final Fantasy XV, which allowed gamers to play with a young Noctis traveling through a "dream state" of his own manifestations.

Now with the new official date set strictly on November 29th, I'm certain fans are a bit let down having to wait a few more months, but don't waste time in unhappiness when you could gear up and finish these three things before the game hits this fall.

1. Finish the Brotherhood's Animated Adventures

This animated series, Brotherhood, follows Noctis and his team through epic encounters with a variety of creatures. When they're able, you'd see them relax at the closest stop on their drive before crashing for the night. What's even better is that there are four 11-14 minute episodes in the series and you can stream it directly from YouTube.

These videos give viewers a glimpse into what they may encounter throughout the role-playing game, and if you aren't much of a "trier" for the early release demo that's a part of Playstation 4's Final Fantasy Type-0 (Agito), then you can sit back and see the quartets' endeavors beforehand here. We all know there's nothing but time between us and this world roaming adventure, so take a seat and watch if you can.

2. Finish the Amazing Duscae Story

The four to six hour demo, enlightens fans with the landscape they'll be able to roam, while fighting off enormous monsters and metallic military men, falling from flying ships. The game allows the player to travel by foot or vehicle and when the night approaches, players can set up camp or find the nearest shelter in order to level up with the experience they've gained.

If you are interested in the next part of the Crystal Chronicles, then the Duscae demo is definitely a large appetizer compared to what's to come from this developing story. The only limitations are the various areas that are restricted from further exploration, along with weapons and abilities the main character begins with. This shouldn't turn you away, especially knowing that the landscape stretches for quite some time before reaching its limit. You'll be able to notice the spectacular scenery developing in the distance as you approach whatever mark you've set sights on, and once you're there, indulge yourself in a huge fight with the enemies around. It's worth it.

3. Finish the Story of Kingsglaive

The Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV film continues to make its mark with fans after releasing on August 19th. The film tells of the magical kingdom called Lucis, home to a sacred Crystal, which is sought out by the menacing empire Niflheim. King Regis (Sean Bean), father of the game's primary protagonist Prince Noctis, fights to protect the land alongside fellow soldier Nyx (Aaron Paul), as he bares a difficult ultimatum that comes with the marriage of his son to Princess Lunafreya of Tenebrae (Lena Headey).

The film carries itself like an extended play of the games' visual storytelling scenes. While it explodes with a multitude of action and stellar graphics, it calms things with a dose of realism as the characters interact as if they were actual human beings. That's how great it is and if you want to see another film from Square Enix Company that encompasses its viewers with a strong story, then director Takeshi Nozue's and screenwriter Takashi Hasegawa's Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV, is the right move for you to make. Go check it out in theaters or download a digital copy from iTunes or Google Play today.

I'm sure by the time you're finished watching Brotherhood, or nearing the end of Duscae, before making your way into Kingsglaive, there would be nothing but months left ahead of you. So instead of rushing through, try spreading them thin or simply give yourself another treat like Type-0, or re-watching the huge hit, Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children. Don't forget, we only have to wait two more months now. Let's just hope it remains that way.

Check out this footage of the fantasy adventure.

What will you be playing until November?


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