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Are we really playing Pokemon GO in the past? Could it be that Pokémon GO is the very first (chronologically speaking) Pokémon game in the series, taking place even before Pokémon Red/Blue and Green? This is one of the boldest fan theories that has ever been proposed but boy does it make sense!

Twitter user Ink_Virtue believes that Pokémon GO is ground zero for the series. Despite just being another fan theory, these incredible claims are backed up with some pretty mindblowing observations.

Pokemon GO's original Trailer:

Three to be precise -- could these following statements prove that Pokemon GO is indeed set in the past?

1. We can’t catch ‘em all because the full 151 Pokémon have not actually been discovered yet.

2. The strategy of weakening Pokémon before capturing them has not yet been established.

3. Professor Willow Is actually gym leader Pryce from Gold/Silver. Get this, Pryce’s name in Japanese is Yanagi, which means “willow.”

Now that you mention it, look at that pose, same hair color, same smouldering look of determination -- it’s the same guy!

This theory also supports the reasoning behind the primitive gym battles. Think about it, as training is still relatively new, the strategies behind the tactics are still very basic.

It also explains why trading is not available in Pokémon GO; if it were set back in the past then the swanky Pokéball trading stations would not exist.

And could this theory support the notion that this is why candies are so rare now? Maybe all these candies that we are feeding our Pokémon in Pokémon GO is why they became so scarce?

Has your mind been blown yet? Here's how others on Twitter are reacting to this newest theory:

“Oh my god. Ohmygod ohmygod ohmygod!”

“Now that you mention it, Prof. Willow’s hair and face really do look like Bryce.”

“Maybe he’s just his son or grandson or something?”

“I don’t think Mewtwo was around in the past though.”

“Wait. Maybe we have it backwards. Maybe it takes place in the far future, when all Pokémon have died off except for a few species, and Pokéballs have gotten so good you don’t have to weaken them.”

Are you a believer? Get your theories in now, is Pokemon GO really set in the past?


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