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Blizzard Entertainment's new video game, Overwatch, has six offensive characters, all with their own strengths and weaknesses. Unfortunately, only a few of those six characters are useful in almost every situation, and that includes the deadly Reaper. Now, to some, this may seem very odd. Why would a character whose advantages scale from mostly hitting characters from behind, at a close range, be such a viable character? Well, it is due to him being able to deal a tremendous amount of damage, being able to flank around the enemy team and take out the support and tank characters with ease, and due to these two reasons, Reaper usually ends up obtaining Play of the Game.

Reaper's Destructive Damage

When tackling Reaper, face-to-face, it is best for the opposing combatant to hurriedly run away, or be prepared to get mowed down. According to an answered question on Stack Exchange, a user showed that Reaper can deal up to 140 damage, per shot, which is basically more than 50% of most of the Overwatch characters' health. Furthermore, at times, it can seem as if he can quite literally instantly kill most of the characters, anyway. All he has to do is get close to someone and just shoot, which is probably why Blizzard Entertainment believes that he is such an easy character to play.

Flanking Is What He Does Best

While the PlayOverwatch site states that Reaper is a one-star difficulty hero, meaning that he is one of the easiest characters to play, that is not exactly the truth. The truth is that he is most viable, when going behind enemy lines and taking out the enemy team's support and tank characters, which is no easy task.

To put this into perspective, Reaper does the most damage, out of any other character in the game, per shot, when he is within close range of an opposing character. In theory, that seems easy to do. But, when the enemy team are all bunched up together, including their all of their tanks and offensive characters, it is definitely a challenge. While Reaper may be able to deal a ton of damage, he is also one of the easiest characters to take out. A good character is not without his or her weaknesses.

Now, there will be those who will say that characters like Pharah and McCree can quite easily outplay Reaper, without any problems, and they would be entirely correct. From afar, the only thing McCree and Pharah have to do is hit him a couple of times and make sure he doesn't get close to their teammates, keyword being close.

Once Reaper gets close to your team, he becomes top-priority, before he ends up killing your most valuable teammates, which include your support and tank characters. He is there to make sure the opposing team never has the upper hand for the rest of his team to go against. In all technicalities, Reaper is very much a character that can carry a team to victory.

Reaper Usually Gets Play of the Game

Many Overwatch players will probably already understand this, but one of the greatest aspects about playing a high-damage, offensive character is the plethora of opportunities to obtain Play of the Game. This is when the game highlights one of the best moments, within the match, of a player earning a great amount of points for doing something great. It doesn't necessarily need to be kills, even though that just about defines every Play of the Game, in existence.

Furthermore, the biggest reason to why Reaper gets Play of the Game is due to his ultimate, Death Blossom. Once he unleashes his ultimate ability, everything around him, whether in the air or beside him, gets pulverized by a barrage of shotgun bullets, killing every living object around him. This is probably one of the main reasons to why Blizzard Entertainment, themselves, states that he is such an easy character to play. He can just shoot his way through the opposing team, without problems. The only issue Reaper has is actually going towards the opposing players, without being taken out first.

To finalize, Reaper is a wonderful character. He does a high amount of damage, is able to flank around the opposing team and kill off the most important members of that team, and get Play of the Game, without a problem. However, the only issue with this character is knowing how to play him. Once you know how to play him, prepare to dominate on the battlefield.


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