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In Today's CS news the continuation of the ESL Pro League has sparked up some controversy revolving around the SK Gaming CS:GO lineup. After being 2-0'd twice within a couple of days of each other, and the now infamous 16-0 from the Detroit Renegades emotions were running high.

SK Gaming CS:GO player Marcelo "coldzera" David went on Twitter as usual except this time, to a mountain of angry or disgruntled fans including those who were trolling, flaming and outright insulting him. The usual for a team on the losing end however coldzera did what any professional should avoid -- he responded to the trolls.

For context SK Gaming CS:GO player Fernando "fer" Alvarenga was sidelined due to an injury requiring surgery. In his place a stand-in was appointed to play out the matches. After the match coldzera went ahead and ranted on Twitter, shifting blame, if not outright blaming the stand-in. It's not typical to have a professional player representing a top tier organization bring malice into the limelight, especially two time world champions.

The rants were critical. Shedding some light into the internal frustrations some wouldn't expect of a genuinely inspirational team . Gabriel "FalleN" Toledo, the team captain and self-appointed CS:GO nice guy was the last one to be called out on being toxic, aggressive and emotional. As someone who trains people and works with them on character development, it's absolutely a given to say that players will sometimes fight.

Sometimes losses get to you and you'll let your emotions get the best of you. However to see SK Gaming so apparently destructive only reminds us that they're humans. Humans that are feeling the weight of the CS world fall on their shoulders. The worst was yet to come. In a series of now deleted tweets, coldzera outright started to throw insults.

Blown out of proportion, literally..
Blown out of proportion, literally..

For a team to be 16-0'd, insults and trolls come naturally. The internet never forgets and for two time world champions to be obliterated on De_Dust2 by the Australian Renegades, it was a meme in the making. I can go on and on about the integrity of the sport, and how players should conduct themselves online and in person but I'll spare the talk.

At the end of the day this article solidifies the reality in which amateur casual players to paid professionals are victims of their own inner demons. Coldzera has a history of toxicity and we'll see how he and SK Gaming recover from this. As of now he has deactivated his Twitter like countless of artists, musicians, actors, and professional gamers have before him.

Remember, the internet never forgets and screen-capping is a thing so you can never be too safe flaming the shit out of people.


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