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Pokémon GO has proven that there are shedloads of Pokémon hanging around out there nowadays. So, the thought of using a lowly Rattata to spearhead your permadeath run ambitions seems like a rather ludicrous one.

Yet, that is exactly what this guy has done; this Pokémon player has beaten Pokémon Fire Red -- without dying -- using only one loyal and probably rather hench Rattata.

If you are looking for a new place to test your Poké-metal then look no further than Twitch. Twitch is the new home of Pokémon and Pokémon related challenges. One channel in particular, Pokémon Challenges, is the latest hang out for players looking to put their Poké-skills to the test.

The channel is renowned for conjuring up insanely challenging Pokémon related challenges and this latest proposition is no exception.

The challenge:

The player would take on a solo run attempt on Pokémon Fire Red using only a Rattata. To make matters even more challenging (not that they needed to be), this is a permadeath run, meaning the Rattata is not allowed die. Not even once.

Nor is it allowed to be revived if it ever faints – this basically means that the lowly Rattata would have to take on the elite four, single-handedly. Tough enough for you?

How did he do it?

Well, according to Pokemon Challenges, the challenge took a whopping month and a half. Apparently the Rattata made it to the elite four twice only to fall at the last hurdle. Computers, desks and various other inanimate objects were broken during the process.

After many, many attempts it was discovered that with one particular move set the process became a lot easier. Speaking with Kotaku, Pokemon Challenges stated that by implementing a strict (Return, Iron Tail, Shadow Ball, and Substitute) regime, bolted onto extraordinary patience and over-levelling, they eventually won the battle.

Take a look at just how it was done below:

This guy overcame adversity in the most incredible way. Where many of us would have lost the will to live, this guy battled on to success. Well done, sir!

What is your greatest accomplishment in Pokemon?


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