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Earlier this week, Nintendo announced they would be showing a video-cast on September 1st. After the announcement, everyone's knee-jerk reaction was that this would be the long-awaited reveal of their rumored new system, codenamed . Nintendo squelched our anticipation immediately by also announcing that this Direct would focus only on 3DS. I gave an exasperated sigh:

'We don't want to hear more about 3DS, Nintendo. You just showed off a bunch of 3DS games at E3 not three months ago. Could you please address the elephant in the room that everyone is talking about? You don't have to talk about games for it, but will you please end this stubborn secrecy about NX and tell us what it is, since it's supposed to be coming out in six months?'

Nintendo's response:

And what do we say to the God of revealing secrets?
And what do we say to the God of revealing secrets?


I was expecting a rerun of what was shown at , with lots of , Yokai Watch, and . Surprisingly, that wasn't the case, as Nintendo showed off a slew of new games, including A 2-D Pikmin game, a port of Yoshi's Wooly World, and a port of ( level sharing?).

Also included was the next Shin Megami Tensei, Mario Sports Superstars, Mario Party: Star Rush, and best of all, Picross 3D: Round 2, the sequel to Picross 3D on the DS, which happens to be my favorite puzzle game of all time.

Pikmin goodness coming to 3DS!
Pikmin goodness coming to 3DS!

So this Direct surpassed my low expectations by a wide margin. Almost every game shown was new.

The 3DS just celebrated its fifth birthday this last spring, and it's heartening to see isn't ready to put it to bed yet, especially with their Super Nintendo Virtual Console just getting going with some of the best games from that system available for it. Some Game Boy Advance games would make it even sweeter.

The 3DS has some life left in it yet and Nintendo seems to be in no rush to push out their next . Although, if the rumors are true, that might be because the NX is going to be portable as well. We'll see.

It's nice that even though Nintendo has their lips sealed tight about NX, they're making the wait as pleasant as possible with some impressive new titles coming out in 2016 and 2017.

If you missed Nintendo's Direct yesterday, here's the full video for your geeky consumption:


Which new 3DS Game were you most excited to see?


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