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Ever been stuck in elo hell? Well there are simple and effective ways to climbing elo.

It Is Not As Difficult As It Looks

Climbing elo is much simpler than people think. Yes you are in silver getting feeders, afk’s, etc… But you’re still losing with a “good team”. So how can you climb with everything working against you? Here's a few solutions to help you:

Keep your mouth shut. Unless someone is specifically talking to you in a positive attitude, don’t say a word. More times than not, you’re going to say something that is going to tilt your teammate(s). A fight is going to break out in the chat, then people are going to type more than play, THEN someone is going to die because they are typing, and that’s how you lose games.

If you are in Gold and lower, you need to main one champ. Because in the lower elo’s, it’s mostly about individual skill than team plays. Mainly a champ that can go into multiple lanes such as Annie (Support/Mid), or if you like ADC, main a few ADC’s. But trend towards a certain champ. Master that champ. If you can do that, you can easily climb. Just be sure to stay positive

Go to and make an account to go back to replay the game you’ve previously played. 10/10 times you are going to see a mistake you made and think “why did I do that?”. So in the next game, you will catch yourself doing it and fix it. Example: You’re top lane and you didn’t ward the river bush at 2:30, and you got ganked and died. That could change the whole laning phase for you.

Focus on your mistakes rather than your teams mistakes. They know they made a mistake. Don’t start a fight that should be fought. All you are going to do is put them on tilt, then in turn putting yourself on tilt because they are going to say something negative to you back.

Just do these things, and you will see a improvement in your OWN gameplay and your ranking. There are always ways to improve.


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