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You know those paintings you find in dusty motels or a sleepy hideaway somewhere remote? The ones your grandparents have, or had, up on their walls? Weren't they the strangest thing? Oil landscapes that would depict the most mundane, quotidian occurrences, like a cottage amidst autumn. Or a lake reflecting the image of trees.

Usually instantly forgettable, these paintings haven't had the best of times, especially compared to the landscapes of, say, Monet's impressionist splendor. But one artist has taken to laying on a new lease of life for these oft-ignored pieces of art.

Artist Dave Pollot repurposes old paintings and turns them into some of the coolest and on-point video game fan art. Depicting Mario as an aged war hero, a Smash Bros. brawl above a picturesque lake and more; the man is a bonafide genius and his work should be appreciated.

If you like what you've seen here, get over to Dave Pollot's Etsy page and grab some badass video game art for your walls!


This was a framed canvas print that I found at a home decor store. I added an older Mario and his hat (trying to match the uniform). I always paint in oils, and I'm pretty careful about what I'll paint into.

Start Small

This was one of those hotel art pieces that was given to me by a friend. It had a tear in the canvas which I patched and then covered up with the ant.

Elements of a Good Fight

I found this framed print on board at a goodwill. It sat in my basement for some time before I figured out what I wanted to do with it.


A friend of mine gave me this and asked me to do something with it...


Another friend asked me to do something with this one.

All The World's a Stage

This was another framed print on board. It took me a surprising amount of time to finish this one.

Always a Man, Always a City

I just finished this one. The background was a knockoff of another very popular series of paintings that all looked very similar. It just screamed Columbia to me...

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