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The Call of Duty XP is currently on in Los Angeles, California. Players and media from around the world have been invited to a large hall to engage in multiplayer online bouts with the latest iteration of the adored franchise, Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. All of the footage shown on the floor is supposed to be off limits for those looking to record how the future of the franchise plays. But you know how this generation is.

The first of two videos to go online detailing gameplay footage was posted on Snapchat before being uploaded to YouTube, and shows aspects of Infinite Warfare as well as brief sections from the campaign for the remastered version of Modern Warfare. I'll put that video at the end of this article (the quality is terrible) because it was followed by a clip of far superior quality.

Call of Duty: Infinite War Footage Leaks, Looks Like It Features Guns

Below is a four and a half minute clip of a player blasting his way through one of the new maps in Infinite Warfare, giving us an indication of the game's pacing and killstreak rewards — the most exciting of which, for diehard COD fans at least, is the return of the Nuke Killstreak reward. The player talks over the video and gives you a few insights into how it plays, too.

The footage from this video and the one below gives us our first look at Infinite Warfare's loadout screen, a new map and tons of blazing gun action. Now the real question is whether we think a game like this has what it takes to stand out alongside the other shooters arriving this fall. Could our favorite FPS at Gamescom, the glorious Titanfall 2, take the top spot? Or will we all be playing Battlefield 1 as Call of Duty is left to its own futuristic devices? Let us know which game you're looking forward to the most in the comments below!

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