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One of this year's most anticipated horror games is also shaping up to be the goriest. Set for an October 2016 release date, Friday the 13th: The Game returns to the horror franchise's famed Camp Crystal Lake where an unfortunate group of feeble counsellors prepare to meet grizzly fates.

Developer Gun Media has confirmed that there will be a single player component to the game, but the primary focus is its unorthodox multiplayer mode. At the beginning of each round all players will spawn in a random location. The hunted teenage archetypes must survive long enough to escape, while Jason's more interested in doing things like this:

Various other mechanics add much more depth to this 7 v 1 asymmetrical multiplayer experience, but right now we're here to focus on Jason's barbaric finishing moves.

Keen to create an authentic experience, the developers went to veteran SFX designer Tom Savini to design the kills, while the one and only Kane Hodder (i.e. original Jason Voorhees) was tasked with motion capturing the wince-inducing performances.

What follows is just a taster of the punishment you'll be able to unleash as the terrifying hockey-masked-murderer:

So, in summary, this winter Jason returns to...

Take pleasure in gutting kids

It's the post-ax writhing I can't deal with.
It's the post-ax writhing I can't deal with.

Clear his head with a stroll through skulls

Crunch time.
Crunch time.

Before settling in by the open fire

This tantalizing new video was shown off during a longer discussion with the developers at PAX West.

Watch the full hour long panel below:

And If you want to refresh your franchise knowledge before the game comes out, take this devious Friday the 13th quiz aimed at hardcore fans.


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