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This oughta rev up the nostalgia.

For 18 years Nintendo fans have lived without a canned N64 driving game that was due to rock the gaming world. But some previously unseen footage has brought this pixelated, retro-racing piece of brilliance back from the brink.

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Seta’s Rev Limit was cancelled back in 1998 when its developer was forced to shut down all game production for financial reasons. The game was set to push the boundaries of the industry (and driving games) as it included dynamic weather conditions and open world concepts.

Unfortunately, Rev Limit never made it through production even though the majority of the game had been completed.

Rev Limit Lives! Check Out The Cancelled N64 Game You Could Have Loved

Despite never being officially released, somehow a dev copy (you know, those elongated cartridges) appeared on a Yahoo auction site. According to Retro Collect, the game was quickly snapped up and, believe it or not, is totally playable.

The gameplay is straight from the ‘90s and is just as brilliant as you might expect.

It kind of looks like an amalgamation of Ridge Racer and Gran Turismo, especially since the game boasted a wide selection of cars, tracks and game modes. It would appear that Rev Limit was set for release in 1999, if the copyright date on the game menu is anything to go by. Alas, it was not meant to be.

This would have been a real treat for the N64, as I recall, the N64 wasn’t exactly blessed with great racing games. Rev Limit would have been a very welcome addition to my gaming library, that’s for sure.

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What do you make of the Rev Limit footage?

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