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Greetings and Welcome to our FinalTale Undertale Neutral Path Alternate Universe Article! This Page is for our current information about the Story, Game Development Information, and Gameplay footage!

About the Creators

We currently have only 2 members... Section "Story and Plot Creator" and Me "TNH006932121 the Game Developer". Believe it or not... we both are in highschool. I've been creating PC games for about 6 years. Section has been writing and designing story's for a few years. However we both have not published anything yet. So this is our first fan game we're creating together!

Ideas planned for the Game so far

Our game is planned to include :

  • Secret Boss Battles
  • Passwords
  • Load, Save, and Reset options
  • Multiple Save Slots
  • Multiple Starting points (Starting without certain characters affecting the story)
  • Many different Magic spells, Acts, Attacks, Combos, Items, Abilities, and much more!
  • A turn based battle system using stats like : Love, Agility, Courage, Mp, and Flirt!
  • Flirting will stun enemies and allow you to steal items and gold!
  • New Enemies! (You soon will find out that they're determination extracted glitches in the form of... wait... Sorry. Not telling. :)
  • But I can tell you that they are originally created by a certain royal scientist... But are now in the form of something evil... What is this thing you ask? (You will find out soon...) are these gaster blasters? (Just check out the video below...)

* "Knowing that the world will find out what they look like and are in the form of... it fills you with determination?"

Gameplay Preview :

To visit our youtube page for updates and more information. (No updates yet. Sorry.) Click on the link below!

"Link to our Channel"


Three years after the neutral route, Frisk gets a call... She/he is asked to return to the underground immediately! Frisk decides to go back. After falling down... You find flowey. He welcomes you back. "Howdy! It's me Flowey! Flowey the flower. I just came over to say thanks! Because of you... I ran away. And as I was leaving... I encountered the true lab! I have found all the Determination that scientist injected into me! and now I have used it all to create these! HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!"

Screenshot of what happens after Flowey's Speech
Screenshot of what happens after Flowey's Speech

Conclusion of Article

We will start a twitter account soon! The link to it will be on our Youtube Channel!

So if you have any questions...

Visit our twitter page when it's out!

Thank you for your time and have a great day!


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