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We are back, with another episode of our hilariously popular series, GAME IN 60 SECONDS. This time Nic jumps on the Pokémon Go hype train, to give it the review it never knew it needed!


#5 Rate of Pokémon Spawns

If you don't live in a city, it is really hard to play Pokémon Go. You have to travel pretty far to find the nearest Pokémon on the map - whereas your city friends can grab them without moving too f

#4 Fighting at Gyms

Does anyone really know how to do this? Just randomly hitting the screen till the other Pokémon dies isn't very skillful. Why didn't they just leave it up to algorithms till they sorted out a good way to battle, like maybe - you know - a turn-based system...

#3 Rattatas and Pidgeys

So I don't even know how much more to say on this subject... WHY ARE THERE SOOO MANY GODDAMN IT!

#2 Battery Drainage

Oh, it's ok - I didn't need to use my phone as a phone anyway...

#1 Server Errors

Will the game turn on? Yes! Will I be able to play during that crucial moment just as I am about to catch the Pokémon that I need? No. ARRRRGGHHHHGHGHGGHH!!

Anyway, we totally stopped playing over a month ago because of these frustrations. But we gained just enough experiences to put into this episode of Game In 60 Seconds. Please subscribe and share!!


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