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With Blizzard Entertainment's most recent patch, including ways to make Genji less threatening, he still dominates the battlefield. In a past article, I had given my reasons to why Reaper is one of the top offensive characters in Overwatch. However, I had neglected to pursue other offensive characters that are not as balanced as Reaper. Genji is basically a more agile version of Reaper, without having the abundance of damage. In essence, what makes Genji such a mighty and annoying character to deal with is due to how well he can move around the field; his talent of flanking and exterminating the opposing team's support characters and DragonBlade.

One of the Most Agile Offensive Characters

A back shot of Genji in 'Overwatch'
A back shot of Genji in 'Overwatch'

Compared to every other attack-based character in Overwatch, except Tracer, Genji has the most mobility. Reaper may have an insane amount of damage, but he moves slowly and can hardly traverse terrain at a steady pace. Soldier: 76 may be able to sprint to areas faster than Genji, however he cannot get to higher ground his speed is limited to where he is able to jump towards. Pharah may be able to fly in the air but her ability to move quickly is limited to going up and down, while moving from side to side is quite sluggish. McCree has a Combat Roll ability and unfortunately that is all he has. Lastly, my reasoning behind placing Tracer above Genji, in terms of mobility, is due to her Blink ability. She has 3 charges that allow from a max range of 7 meters per Blink. She may not be able to climb walls but she is within the category of 'most annoying characters of Overwatch,' which will be talked about in a later article.

With all of that being said, the primary logic behind Genji being such an agile character deals with his double jump, being able to escalate walls and his Swift Strike. To put it in context, all Genji has to do is climb to higher areas, double jump into the swarm of the opposing team, Deflect what is being shot at him, use his Shuriken, finalize with a Swift Strike through the enemy team and repeat the process until DragonBlade is charged.

One of the Best Characters For Flanking

Genji using an emote in 'Overwatch'
Genji using an emote in 'Overwatch'

When it comes down to simply taking out the opposing team's members one by one, Genji is the most efficient at doing so. This may be in opposition to Reaper but it is not without reasoning. For instance, if the enemy team has a Lucio, Zenyatta or Mercy, then Genji can just shoot a couple of Shurikens and Swift Strike through them, giving him a kill.

The math behind this is that Swift Strike deals 50 points of damage. Combine the 50 points of damage with X amount of Shuriken thrown at the enemy characters. Each Shuriken deals 28 points of damage and Genji throws 3 at one time. In the end, it should only take 6 Shuriken plus 1 Swift Strike to deal 218 points of damage. To make it even worse, Swift Strike gets refreshed after every kill Genji receives. This is enough to kill most supports and offensive characters in the game, since the average amount of health for each character is 200. The only characters who are not tanks and have above 200 points of base health include Reaper and Mei. This is due to them having to deal damage from a closer range, if you do not include Mei's Icicle ability that has a fall off range of 26 to 55 meters, dealing anywhere from 22 to 75 points of damage. To add even further information, this isn't even his most powerful strategy. This is just basic knowledge. The next level of play deals with his Deflect ability.

As a person who deals with Genji on a constant basis, it is safe to say that Genji's most powerful utility is his Deflect ability. Even though the duration of the ability only lasts 2 seconds and the cool-down is 8 seconds, it reverses all of the damage being thrown at him back towards the opposing characters. Understandably, there are certain attacks that Genji cannot deflect. This includes Mei's Endothermic Blaster's Frost Beam, Winston's Tesla Cannon, Symmetra's Turrets and Zarya's Beam. However, every other attack is fair game. Even Hanzo's ultimate can be deflected.

Unfortunately, all of this information is mostly observational. I am by no means a 'Genji Main' nor a person that actually plays that specific character. Fortunately, I have encountered him on many occasions with Reaper, McCree and Soldier: 76 enough to understand how to play against him and with him. To state my claims further, I have taken defeats after defeats, due to the techniques that the opposing players have produced with Genji. This includes his most destructive ability: DragonBlade.

DragonBlade Is the Definition of Team-Kill

Genji using DragonBlade in 'Overwatch'
Genji using DragonBlade in 'Overwatch'

No matter how much you understand about Genji's abilities, techniques and strategies, his ultimate ability will be enough to end your entire team. DragonBlade does 120 points of damage per swing, with a max range of 5 meters and a max speed of 8 meters per second. This ability lasts for only 6 seconds, which used to be 8 seconds. Now, combine this with the fact that Genji's Swift Strike ability gets refreshed after he kills someone, that is an extra 50 points of damage to add on to his DragonBlade ability.

To finalize, Genji has the capacity to dominate the entire match. He is very agile, made for killing characters with minimal health and has an ultimate ability that quite literally slices through the competition. It would be an injustice not to have a well-experienced Genji on your team, if given the chance. If anything else, understanding how he plays will definitely help improve your Overwatch experiences.


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