ByDequan “Funky” Medina, writer at

If you believe to have witnessed the maximum ability of Lucio's Wall Ride then prepare to be amazed! An Overwatch player by the name of Seba, on YouTube, rode around all of Eichenwalde without touching the actual ground. The player had to maneuver around pillars, trees and the roofs of different buildings. There was even a part where the player had to ride under the bridge, in order to continue on. It is truly an event to witness for your very own eyes.

After watching this video, I had to evaluate a whole different play style for Lucio. When I had played this character, I rarely ever rode on any of the walls. I did not see the purpose in doing so. My whole priority was to make sure my team was always getting healed. Fortunately, this video has shown and taught me that there is more to each and every individual Overwatch character. It is always best to learn from the perspectives of other players and see how they play. Let the wall riding commence!


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