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As a huge fan, one area of the franchise that could be improved upon is its video games — specifically, the Lego video games. A remastered version of the Lego Harry Potter Collection was released on October 18, solely for PS4. However, these fun and lighthearted games could use a total revamping, and here's why.


Lego Harry Potter: Years 1–4 was released in June of 2010, just two years before the Lego games began giving their characters voices rather than pantomime (starting with Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes). Though the pantomime can be funny at times, a new game could add voices to the characters we've all come to love. It would be even better if the original movie cast could do the voices, or if audio clips from the movies could be used as they were in the Lego Marvel's Avengers game.

Each Year Deserves Its Own Game

Although I am a huge fan of the Lego Harry Potter games, grouping years 1–4 and 5–7 makes each year seem rushed. Giving each year its own game would allow for more details within each game. The developers could also add Easter Eggs from the books that would only enhance the games further.

DLC Based On The Books

Adding downloadable content to these games based on the books would be a way to draw in Harry Potter fans who haven't played the original Lego Harry Potter series. Imagine a level where you play as Filch trying to catch Peeves, or try to solve the Sphinx's riddle in the Third Task of the Tournament, or go through memories of Voldemort's childhood including the background on and the Gaunt family history as Ministry of Magic official Bob Ogden. On top of those, a mini game where you get to play quidditch would be absolutely magical!


We are a few weeks away from the premiere of the Harry Potter spinoff film Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. The new film is based on the Hogwarts Library collection, which includes The Tales of Beedle the Bard and Quidditch Through the Ages. These three stories, along with the recently released Harry Potter and the Cursed Child plus the new e-books J.K. Rowling just announced would be published on, and would make a great addition to the Harry Potter Lego universe.

A Lucrative Deal Between WB And Lego

Making seven (or eight if they follow the movies, and even more with spinoffs) new Lego Harry Potter games could earn both Warner Bros. and Lego a ton of money! Not only could the studios release the games, but plenty of merchandise on top of that, including Lego sets that haven't been in production since 2012. These games are extremely fun for Harry Potter and Lego fans young and old.

Harry Potter fans are among the most passionate and dedicated of all fandoms. Though we can certainly be grateful that the original two games are being remastered, it would be great if Warner Bros. and Lego continued to produce these new games for us fans. Let me know in the comments section what you would like to see in a new Harry Potter Lego game.


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