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Not long ago, Justin Roiland announced that he had decided to open a VR studio appropriately named Squanchtendo. And while it was fun to hope that Squanchtendo would develop VR version of classic Rick and Morty episodes, it turns out the first game from the studio is actually called... "Accounting"?

Equal parts baffling and yet somehow totally expected, the game is actually a collaboration between Roiland and William Pugh, one of the designers of The Stanley Parable. But is there anything this VR game (which features a chaotic "tree world" and jars of stomach acid) can tell us more than what we already know about Rick and Morty Season 3?

Probably not. But it's still fun to speculate and see what we can't try to take away from this absolutely insane trailer anyways!

1. It's Probably Going To Get Even More Meta

(Note: Trailer uses NSFW language)

If you've been watching the show, you may have noticed that it occasionally decides to get meta, usually doing so by breaking the fourth wall. But that meta quality definitely saw a bit of a ramp-up in Season 2 and if the trailer for Accounting is any indication, will see an even bigger ramp-up.

In fact, for a game called "Accounting," very little of the action appears to take place in an accountant's office. Why? Because 12 seconds into the video, the player puts on a VR helmet. Yes, this game is apparently about a VR world within a VR world.

If that weren't meta enough, though, one of the very first things inside this VR world is a sign that says "Let's learn about the body!" with pictures of bacteria, archaea, and... "VR cells," which are apparently "aggressive virtual organisms."

Dan Harmon — co-creator of Rick and Morty alongside Roiland — certainly wasn't afraid to go increasingly meta with his show Community, and Roiland doesn't appear to be either. If he's fine jumping into this level of meta within 12 seconds of a game trailer, I can only imagine what he's willing to do in the third season of a highly successful show.

2. "It's Got An Almost Improvisational Tone"

Sure, that line might be a direct quote from Rick, but it's entirely fitting for both Accounting's trailer and Rick and Morty's third season. You know, because the show gets meta sometimes (see what I did there?)

Anyways, yes, Season 3 of Rick and Morty is almost definitely going to have an Interdimensional Cable 3, and — if it's possible — it will be the most improvised yet. I'm not even entirely sure how you get more improvisational, but if anyone can do it, it's Roiland.

For the uninitiated, each season so far has had an episode wherein the characters watch interdimensional cable — basically, they flip through an infinite amount of channels and watch TV from all sorts of dimensions. These episodes usually have a scripted B-story, but the A-story of actually watching TV is made up of bits like the above video that are entirely improvised.

And while I personally found Season 2's variant to be not-that-great, it did introduce the world to the plumbus and somehow made it collectively impossible to ever mention How It's Made without also referencing Rick and Morty. Since the trailer above is apparently mostly improvised dialogue, and since the improvised bits of Rick and Morty have been hits, we're no doubt going to get more improvisation.

3. It Will Be Chaotic And Probably A Bit Shocking

This may not apply to the whole season, but it's definitely going to have these sorts of crazy moments. The Accounting trailer, in true Roiland style, devolves into chaos more quickly than is easy to keep track of. I can only image what sorts of explosions, assassinations, weird noises, and alien body parts we'll see as Rick makes his way out of prison.

Roiland especially is known for being the more shocking half of the Harmon/Roiland duo, and I 100% expect to see moments like the end of Look Who's Purging Now or the "Personal Space" short from Interdimensional Cable 2 during the third season of Rick and Morty.

All of the above said, Dan Harmon's influence on Rick and Morty can definitely be felt throughout the show. Whatever crazy, surreal antics Accounting is showing off come from only one half of the Rick and Morty creative team. Will there be elements of Accounting in Season 3? Of course! Will Season 3 feel like an extended version of Accounting? Probably not, say most theories.

But it's still fun to speculate.

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