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Liv Sommerlot

A trailer announcing a new update to Capcom's Resident Evil 7 Beginning Hour demo has just been revealed, and it's (quite literally) gut-wrenching. The "Twilight version" update set to release later today will give players more access to the infinitely creepy mansion, more things to do (perhaps we'll finally figure out what to do with that dummy finger?), and more quality time with the lovable, epicurean Baker family.

They made a special feast just for you and you're not even appreciative?
They made a special feast just for you and you're not even appreciative?

If you're like us, you were appropriately creeped out. If you're a horror movie aficionado (also like us), you might also have noticed how eerily similar this home-cooked American family is to the family from the Texas Chainsaw Massacre (go on, ask them if their family's always been in meat).

From the two pictures above alone, you can already see the thematic influence. Creepy, hillbilly family? Disturbing dinner scene?

But then you delve even deeper.

Creepy, half-dead elderly person (well, she could be fully dead, but we're not sure yet)?

Psycho, hillbilly punk (that coincidentally doesn't seem to mind getting cut too much)?

And just the sheer fact that they're chowing down on the delicacies of human flesh? You've gotta admit—the concept is undeniably similar! Even if RE7 does end up taking the series in a surprising new direction.

While the new demo's not live yet, you won't have to wait long—the Playstation blog stated it'd be available for download “later today,” which could mean anything from three minutes from now to 11:59 p.m. tonight. Either way, I wouldn't plan on eating much the rest of the day...

Watch the full Resident Evil 7 Beginning Hour demo trailer below:

Here comes the choo-choo train!
Here comes the choo-choo train!

Excited about the new demo? Want to whine about how RE7 looks too much like a new Outlast game? Stomach rumbling from all that tasty-looking grub on the table? We wanna know!

(we promise not to call the cops immediately)

By the way, Now Loading is always looking for new, fresh-faced writers! Now you can talk about your inner, cannibalistic desires, too! Or, you know, something about Pokémon GO. You can even earn yourself some dough in the process!

Check here for all the details. Come on, join the family!


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