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Back again this week for ANOTHER Pokémon GO animation. This time one unwanted Rattata is sent to the candy factory, and makes a daring escape plan with the other Pokémon to avoid torture.


#5 What am I doing?

Really though, what am I literally doing with my life? Better get back to making cartoons about video games..

#4 Server Crashes

*sigh* The Pokémon must have tried to escape the candy factory again...

#3 It got boring... quick!

This was before they even announced who the team leaders were. Once you have gotten over that level of excitement after the first 50 Pidgeys, where do you really go from there?

#2 Pokémon Go Plus

I mean, what does this thing even do? If it won't help me hatch eggs without draining my phone batter, then why do I need thi

#1 It's just not fair!

Even though they have started cracking down on hacker cheats, they are still at large - and Gyms are just impossible fortress'.

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