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The time has come.

It's here.

Sound the trumpets and release the doves...the Pokémon Buddy system has arrived!

Crap, sorry. This was supposed to be about Pokémon Go Plus. So that's arrived, too, and after reading the initial reviews, I have to say, I'm still more excited about the buddy system. I mean, how could you not be? You get to walk around with a freakin' Pikachu, for crying out loud! Well, you get to pretend you do. But still...candy!

Back to the Pokémon Go Plus. After some delays, some worries, and a whole lot of hype, the wearable accessory has arrived in stores.

In a nutshell-shaped Pokéball, it allows you to spin Pokéstops, catch Pokémon, and tracks distances, all without having your phone running, having its battery sucked dry. A full review is here on Forbes, and I'm sure many more reviews will be hitting the webs shortly.

I'll be honest, I'm not too hip when it comes to all these newfangled video games, but if you want to talk about the good old days, I'm in! So let's talk about the history of gaming accessories; the good, the bad, and the downright ugly. Because man, there have been some UGLY ones.

1. Super Nintendo Super Scope

Not to be confused with the original brilliance that was the Nintendo Duck Hunt Gun:

Admit it, you shot the dog more than once.
Admit it, you shot the dog more than once.

The Super Scope was a beefed-up version of the original gun, but it just sucked so bad. It sucked batteries, it sucked to hold, and it sucked for Nintendo, because it flopped in a major way.

2. Resident Evil 4 Chainsaw Controller

There's no doubt that finding this underneath his or her tree some Christmas morning really brightened a kid's eyes. Complete with the shaking and roaring that you would hear from a real chainsaw, this thing...I'm glad I never had a PlayStation, because I would have wanted this, I would have gotten this, and I would have been sick of using this after about five minutes, from the looks of it.

3. Nintendo Power Glove

Did this thing look cool as hell? Oh, yes. Did it make you look cool as hell to your friends? Most definitely! Did it actually work? Not even close. But hey, it did show up in the movie The Wizard, which was just awesome:

He really had no idea just how bad it was.

4. Wii Bowling Ball

I've personally only played Wii Bowling a few times, and I was paranoid that I was going to chuck the remote through the TV screen. Can you imagine letting an actual bowling ball-shaped controller go? Holy Wii-zus.

5. Dreamcast Fishing Rod

Because we've been focusing so much on the bad and the ugly, here's one of the goods. Admittedly, beer, sun, water, and real fish are kind of what make fishing fun, but the Dreamcast fishing rod, along with Sega Bass Fishing, worked pretty good together. Here's a trip down memory lane for you:

6. Sega Activator

Sure, the thought of being able to control Ryu or Scorpion just by actually kicking or punching is great, but seriously, Sega. First, it was 1993, so you shouldn't have even. And second, did they not test out their $80 accessory before they sold it, to make sure that it actually worked right in the first place?

7. Nintendo Game Genie

Let's end this on a note that I've been waiting to sing the entire time. The Game Genie was INCREDIBLE. Back the original Nintendo Entertainment System came out, with all of its Super Mario, Castlevania, and Metroid goodness, it was the desire of every kid to get it. Christmas, birthday, just to shut them up about begging for didn't matter why. We had to have it!

And then BAM. After mastering Super Mario, what happens? The Game Genie comes out, and gives us infinite lives and all other sorts of black magic, making it infinitely easier to do what we had just spent weeks or months doing; beating our games.

How could you not want something that had a commercial like this?


I know I missed a few memorable gaming accessories from the past that you're dying to tell us about, so please, spill it in the comments!

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