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Mana is a pretty serious substance. It causes all sorts of bad things to happen to the Nightborne of Suramar if they don't have a healthy supply of it at all times. Which is why, naturally, we're here to help in the best way possible: Feeding their addiction.

But you may have noticed that feeding that addiction isn't always the easiest. For one, the Nightfallen require a lot of it at times. And if they're not asking for a lot, they're still asking for it often. The other hurdle is the fact that you can't hold very much Ancient Mana when you first arrive in Suramar, making your few good while in the zone a constant series of "I can't carry any more" notifications from your character.

Poor, mana-starved Nightfallen (Via
Poor, mana-starved Nightfallen (Via

Thankfully, there are some tricks to farming Ancient Mana, and we're here to help teach you some of those tricks. But first, it's probably important to remind you why you'll want to provide an endless supply of what is essentially meth to the Nightfallen.

Why Should I Care About Ancient Mana?

Rewards from the Withered Army scenario
Rewards from the Withered Army scenario

I'll be honest, the when I was first questing in Suramar, I didn't care about Ancient Mana. Not only did it seem to be everywhere, it also wasn't anything that really seemed of import. Fast-forward a few days and I'm scavenging for Ancient Mana wherever I can find it, desperately hoping to increase my limit. Why?

  • Every few days, you'll need to feed your Nightfallen companions in order to obtain any quests from them.
  • If you want to unlock the Suramar dungeons — which, you do — you'll have to provide Ancient Mana a few times during the quest chain — one point alone requires 1,200!
  • The Withered Army scenario will appear every few days and you'll receive more Withered if you supply more Ancient Mana. This is a must for anyone looking to complete the scenario effectively!

We've already gone over what makes the Suramar dungeons (and heroics in general) well worth the investment to unlock them, but as for the other two bullets above, they offer plenty of incentive alone.

For starters, feeding the Nightfallen to help you quest will keep your reputation train a-chuggin'. More reputation not only means faster unlocking of the dungeons, but also Toys, additional world quests, and the ability to unlock your entire Order Hall set (the final piece of which requires Exalted with the Nightfallen).

As for the Withered Army scenario, it also offers gear rewards, but additionally has several Toys, a significant amount of Nightfallen reputation (based on how well you do), and even hidden Artifact appearances for Blood Death Knights, Windwalker Monks, and Protection Paladins.

Where Can I Go To Increase My Ancient Mana Limit?

Okay, so, Ancient Mana. Good stuff. Definitely worth getting. The next step, naturally, is to increase the maximum amount of Ancient Mana you can actually hold. Because, frankly, nothing is more annoying than being at the limit when you find an Ancient Mana node and having it go to waste.

The maximum amount of Ancient Mana you can hold after all upgrades is 2,000 and you are rewarded the rather hilariously named achievement above for doing so. There are 5 different items throughout Suramar that can increase the maximum amount of Ancient Mana you can hold by 100, with the rest of the upgrades available only by questing throughout the zone and completing various storylines.

The above video (courtesy of WowHead user SakuraFish) details where to go to find each of the upgrades. If you can't watch, however, the items and coordinates you'll want to keep an eye out for are the following:

  • Kel'danath's Manaflask (21.0, 54.5)
  • Kyrtos's Research Notes (76.8, 70.7)
  • Volatile Leyline Crystal (21.2, 33.8)
  • Infinite Stone ( 34.5, 11.1)
  • Enchanted Burial Urn (45.0, 30.4)

Unfortunately, the remaining increases to Ancient Mana capacity are gated behind questing, but the upside is that they each reward a bigger increase in capacity than the world items.

Where Is The Best Place To Farm Ancient Mana?

Now that we've gone over basics (or you've decided to skip straight ahead to this section), it's time to get delve into farming this addictive substance. The absolute best spots to farm Ancient Mana (in my experience) are on the upper-tier endpoints of Suramar City's half-circle, as outlined above. If you've done a bit of questing, you can even teleport directly to either the Lunastre Estate or Twilight Vineyards and begin farming.

Making loops around one or both areas, you'll notice Leypetal Blossoms in the outside areas and Twice-Fortified Arcwine inside buildings. These are what you want more than anything! The former rewards 30 or more Ancient Mana, while the latter typically gives more than 100. As long as there isn't much competition around, farming these two items is the best way to quickly stock up on Ancient Mana.

Twice-Fortified Arcwine found in a Suramarian home
Twice-Fortified Arcwine found in a Suramarian home

If you're really looking for maximum efficiency, there are a few last-minute pointers that'll help make farming as quick as possible:

  • Never forget to use your Mana Divining Stone! You obtain this early on in Suramar questing and you'll want to make sure it's enabled before farming.
  • At Honored with the Nightfallen, you can pick up a shoulder enchant that will help gain more Ancient Mana from kills.
  • Feeding Arcanist Valtrois can provide you with a Leyline Mastery buff to randomly spawn Leyline feeds during combat.
  • And if you hate farming, you can always scan your auction house. Some of the smaller amounts of Ancient Mana (10-50) are acquired from usable items that can be bought and sold.

There you have it! Even if you somehow manage to snag all the Withered Army toys and everything else that Ancient Mana has to offer, there's always the Fox mount to chase after. If you have that, then turning in 400 for the Withered Training is an easy way to finish a World Quest in no time. Happy farming!


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