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Did you know someone was making a dating sim based on Overwatch? Of course you did, you're probably all about that life. That was a quick and broad assumption. However, if the internet has taught me anything about Overwatch, it's that people seem to be in it as much for the crazy fan theories, the awesome cosplay, and shipping as they are for the shooting.

Well, Overwatch lovers rejoice, because a fan-made Overwatch dating sim named Loverwatch – because of course it is – is on the way and this time the objective isn't to capture a point, it's to captivate your heart. (Editor groans at me here.)

Spearheaded by game designer Lucy Morris, this game has generated a lot of traction on social media and people are eagerly awaiting its release. The game is set in the "old glory days" of Overwatch lore, and you play as a new recruit just trying to establish yourself in the organization. Along the way, you learn a little bit more than just putting up good shields or dropping bombs, you also learn how to let your shields down...around your heart.

Okay that was awful but I don't apologize. Anyways, let's take a look at what we know about the game so far.

It Has A Very Interesting Dating Choice

Off the bat, the devs mentioned that Mei and Genji are available for dating fun times. Also, for the sake of something different they're also throwing in Bastion into the dating pool. They wanted to have interesting differences between the characters you can date and also different types of stories as well. Do you know how to say "I love you" in beeps and boops? Well, you better learn because that's going to be what romancing Bastion is going to be all about. "It’s 100% beeps and boops," the developers said.

In the game you play as new recruit to Overwatch so maybe the set up is you train with Bastion and teach him how to shoot things. On the journey to learning to destroy things with absolute efficiency, he'll learn something much more important. He'll learn about love. Emphatic and passionate beep boops ensue, I'm sure.

From a writing stand point, it's also immensely entertaining. According to the devs, it'll all come down to the little things like body language and stage directions, so keep your eye for detail handy if you want to teach Bastion the warm embrace of human romance.

It's Going To Be More Mature Than You Expect

I realize that's an odd thought considering that Bastion is a romance route, but the team is really going for a different kind of narrative when it comes to this game.

Of course there's going to be some in-jokes for every Overwatch fan to enjoy, but they're also going for a bit of a mature narrative. It won't always be dead serious, but not always comical either. There will probably small points of conflict when it comes to your budding romance.

I keep coming back to Bastion, but I imagine something like Bastion coming to grips with their newly forming emotions and the player character helping them work through those emotions and accept them. Bastion has to learn to let the blast doors down from their heart.

Now despite keeping the narrative to a more mature clip, the team wants to make sure one thing is top of mind...

They're Keeping The Writing Clean

If you've ever played a dating sim then you know that some of them can get pretty frisky towards the tail end (hah). Morris and her team decided against that out of respect for Blizzard and the characters being portrayed in the dating sim itself. There's plenty to get giddy about, but heroes never kiss and tell so they're keeping it strictly PG-13.

I think that we decided it was going to be PG-13 at the start, because sexuality is also kind of assuming sexuality of characters as well. Also, we didn’t want to create free porn with Blizzard’s IP. I’m pretty sure they don’t like that, because it’s a pretty all-ages game

Morris is right because Blizzard went ballistic when people started using the 3D models from the game to make rather...questionable material. I won't link to that, you can sully your own Google search history. Walking that fine line between being a mature story and keeping it clean is not easy task. In fact, writing the script for the game hasn't been a walk in the park.

The Writing Is More Ambitious Than You Think

It would be so easy to simply pawn this off as a joke and get a few good laughs out of it. That would probably take a whole lot less work. Unsatisfied with that path, however, Morris and her team have dedicated a lot of time to having actual story lines that are as much in line with the source as possible.

We’re doing our best to stick to Blizzard canon and where we’re not, because we do have to improvise a bit, we’re doing our best to sort of guess what Blizzard would do.

Again, if you've ever played a dating sim then you know the script can make or break the experience. In this regard, the team is pouring their all into it. Right now they have three romance routes and each path consists of roughly 60,000 words. So, all in all, they've drummed up about 180,000 words for this "little" fan-made endeavor which is a little insane, but you do pretty crazy things for love, right?

That's so many beeps and boops....

So that's about as much as we know about this upcoming treasure. While there are some concerns that Blizzard might nerf this affectionately made fan game, they've always been more merciful than most when it comes DCMAs. Morris has actually reached out to them on multiple occasions to test the waters. They've been silent so far so if it's Bastion for Over-romance you're looking for, it might just be high noon for love.

Have you got romance in your sights? Make sure to check out Loverwatch on Tumblr.


Besides Bastion, who would you want to embrace the tranquility of love with?

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