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When it comes to Marvel, the catalog of villains and heroes is enormous. Not including alternate universe depictions, there are probably between 700 and 800 characters who have found their way onto the pages of Marvel Comics. But not every Marvel character has originated from the comics.

More recently, there has been an eruption of new Marvel characters being exclusively created for video games, especially on mobile applications. Past video games also featured characters who don't appear in the comics — which is too bad when they exhibit great potential, sometimes even great enough to appear in Marvel movies as well. Take a look at these amazing Marvel characters who exist exclusively in video games.

1. Civil Warrior ('Marvel Contest of Champions')


"What if Cap and Iron Man had a final battle where Tony Stark perished at Cap’s hands? That would transform Steve Rogers into a different man, consumed by guilt and grief, and ultimately drive him to stop a conflict like that from ever happening again. After the Civil War conflict ended, Steve Rogers collected parts of prototype armor from Tony’s destroyed lab, and added bits and pieces to his own costume, both as battle enhancements and as an homage to his fallen friend. Finally, he discovered a special prototype shield Tony was working on before their conflict started: a vibranium shield with an embedded ARC Cannon, capable of shooting powerful repulsor blasts. The perfect combination of attack and defense, and the symbol of union between the two factions."

The Civil Warrior made his debut in the video game Marvel Contest Of Champions, and is currently a playable character. The game can be downloaded for free through most app stores.

2. Venompool ('Marvel Contest Of Champions')


"Origin story time! Ahem. A long time a forgotten corner of the Contest, a wise, handsome, kick-butt dude became permanently duct-taped to a weird, alien Venom thingy...""That'sssss not what happened!""Shut up Symbioid, I'm telling the story! Dang. Lost my place. Oh well, anywhoozle, epic story told in haiku! Deadpool Venom mix; Smashed together, best friends; and...Chimichangas?""We must kill the Ssssssspider-Man!""Oh Symby! You're the funniest. You always crack me up."

Venompool made its debut in Marvel Contest Of Champions as an exclusively playable character on the mobile application only. Venompool exists as an amalgamation of a "What If..." scenario wherein Deadpool takes on the Venom symbiote. As you can tell from the bio, the combination is not a particularly harmonious one.

3. Sharon Rogers ('Marvel Future Fight')


"The alternate-universe daughter of Agent Peggy Carter and Steve Rogers has taken up her father’s shield and carried on the mantle. ... Sharon Rogers serves as a beacon of hope and justice, inspiring the citizens of her universe to be the best they can be. Equipped with her father’s legendary shield and a giant energy lance, she battles all those who seek to bring chaos to the world."

As an exclusive character for Marvel Future Fight, Sharon Rogers's Captain America is the daughter of Peggy Carter and Steve Rogers, and fights against Red Skull's daughter Sin.

4. Symbiote Wolverine ('Spider-Man: Web Of Shadows')


"Wolverine is infected by the Symbiotes... Spider-Man proceeded to battle for control of Wolverine's mind [and] managed to get through to Howlett who managed to remove the symbiote. Wolverine later helped fight the Symbiotes onboard the S.H.I.E.L.D Helicarrier while Spider-Man battled the giant super-powered Venom."

Appearing in Spider-Man: Web of Shadows, Wolverine is consumed by a symbiote and transforms into this hybrid alien-mutant. The movie rights are divided between studios, but evil mind-controlled Hugh Jackman would be amazing.

5. Symbiote Black Cat ('Spider-Man: Web Of Shadows')


"When Black Cat becomes infected by the symbiotes, she attacks [Mary Jane] who is defended by Spider-Man."

Also making an appearance in Spider-Man: Web Of Shadows, Felicia Hardy a.k.a. Black Cat is consumed by a symbiote and attempts to make Spider-Man become her dark lover in the post-apocalypse that'll be left in the symbiotes' wake.

6. The Maestro ('Marvel Contest of Champions')


"Maestro is an unplayable Champion whose unknown Class has a Class Bonus against Cosmic, Mutant, Mystic, Science, Skill, and Tech Champions."

Maestro's origins in Marvel Comics stem from an alternate universe, but this brand new version of Maestro has one key difference to his identity, as he's embodied by the Collector. Too bad he isn't a playable character in the mobile application. Maestro stands as the big bad of the game; he uses the abilities of fallen heroes and villains as his own.

7. Deadpooloid ('Marvel Contest Of Champions')


"[W]hen Deadpool was hired by The Collector to run The Contest for the day, Deadpool created his own brand of Deadpool Symbioids. The Deadpooloids are the same as regular Symbioids, except with a Deadpool mask and Deadpool undergarments."

As another exclusive character for Marvel Contest Of Champions, Deadpooloid is another one of the only characters who isn't playable on the mobile application. We can dream.

Should these Marvel heroes make other appearances in the future? Or are these Marvel characters just perfect for video games, but not much else? Which other Marvel video game characters should make it on to this list? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!


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