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Put away your ocarinas and forgo any Links you have to the past, we're here to talk about Majora's Mask, the greatest Zelda game ever made - according to me, that is.

As we hunger for additional news on Nintendo's mysterious NX and the simply Breath-taking Zelda game set to launch by its side, it can be easy to ignore the big N's previous achievements. But there's something timeless about The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask (2000) and the gameplay innovations it introduced. Although the game may have recently arrived in a slightly revamped form on the Nintendo 3DS, we feel like Majora needs a next gen overhaul in order to introduce its splendors to a new generation in a more impactful way.

5 Reasons Why Majora's Mask Needs A Next Gen Overhaul

1. It Could look Like This

This here is a teaser clip for a fan-made project honoring the legacy of the superb video game. Set to release later this year, the short film in the making is a collaboration between various talented artists around the world. The creators have stated how the game continues to inspire their team, and with the project almost complete we can soon relish in their own creation soon enough. You can check out the team's Facebook page here.

Seriously though, imagine playing a Zelda game with that kind of visual pedigree. Majora's Mask looked wonderful on the 3DS, but just picture what could happen with the power of Unreal Engine 4 (which creates some seriously majestic sh!$) behind a revamped version of the adored classic.

2. The Music Would Kill Me

The Zelda series has gifted the world some of the greatest tunes in gaming. But with a remastered edition comes an upgraded soundtrack, and if it sounded anything like Theophany's work, I'd be in heaven. Does Majora's Mask feature the best music in the series? There's certainly a strong case to be made!

3. This Dance In HD Would Be Spectacular

Can we all just appreciate, not only Link's abilities as a dancer, but the atmosphere of this scene? It's so at odds with the other games in the franchise while being perfectly indicative of the tone of Majora's Mask. This is a dark and twisted game. Every quest, character and area helps reinforce that idea and I suppose that's why I'm so in love with it. You gotta admire that consistency of vision, man.

4. We Could Beat The Gormon Brothers, Again

One of the most famous side quests from the game involves the two Gormon brothers. These mean-spirited oafs (what were they thinking picking on Epona like that?!) may have been good at running off their mouths, but showing them who was boss in an actual race around their farm sure put them in their place.

Imagine how a remastered version of the game could offer opportunities for further side-questing frivolities. Perhaps we could even see old characters become voiced as they are in Breath of the Wild or the missions themselves expanded upon for fans to revel in. Yes, I'd quite like that.

5. There Aren't Enough Games Like It

Majora's Mask wouldn't exist were in not for Ocarina of Time. I understand that. But it's the innovations that it introduced to the previous game's systems that I found so compelling and inspiring. Where do we see this kind of innovation anymore? Majora was viewed as a kind of pseudo-sequel to Ocarina, but what sequels deviate from the formula in a similar fashion to this beautiful Zelda game? It was bold, innovative, risky, captivating and bewildering.

The concept of time that this game conjured up is one of the best gameplay mechanics in gaming history, in this dude's humble opinion. The way in which the game forced me to replay its areas reminds me of how Dark Souls forces you to come to grips with every corridor, simply because you'll die in them so often. There's something satisfying about knowing every crevice of a game, but it was an absolute pleasure to return to Majora's temples knowing exactly what I had to do. More people need to experience this.

Majora's Mask is still a Zelda game, but to me it's so much more. Though I love the 3DS version, I feel like the majesty of this title could be so more impactful on a home console in a revamped form. Imagine how this title's innovations could inspire a new generation were it to arrive on the NX! *Sigh* A man can dream. Anyway, I'm off to play the N64.

What Zelda game would you like to get a next gen revamp?


Which of these Zelda games would you pick to get a next gen revamp?


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