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Earlier this year FPS juggernauts Activision and EA unveiled their respective new titles, Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare and Battlefield 1. With these monster announcements, fan boys and fan girls were drooling uncontrollably over the release trailers, and with good reason, too. Both titles boast stunning graphics, polished mechanics, new characters, and of course, unique flavors. However, there are a couple of things fans may be overlooking about the new COD installment.

I'm sure you've noticed the memes and videos plaguing social media that depict the Activision IP coming up short against Battlefield 1, with countless dislikes and negative comments flooding the YouTube channels of anyone who dares to post the reveal trailer for it. You can watch the trailer here if you're yet to see it.

Even though it boasts millions of views, gamers still go out of their way to smack talk on it. But why? Why does the gaming community continue to throw it to the wayside in lieu of Battlefield 1? Infinite Warfare is the clear champion over the EA spectacle, and here's why.

Dead soldiers float lifelessly in the aftermath of a space battle
Dead soldiers float lifelessly in the aftermath of a space battle

Let's Start With The Obvious, Shall We?

Infinite Warfare brings a new backdrop to the typical first-person shooter: space. While not the most original setting, it's still a breathe of fresh air for the combat-ready shooter. COD boldly goes where it hasn't gone before, testing the reaches of its genre. Zero-gravity fighting, seamless ground-to-ship combat and aerial fighting are just a few new things Activision introduces. Not to mention the insane ground-to-orbit battle style!

There hasn't been a game in recent years to offer that, and it's something that EA should've taken care of with Star Wars: Battlefront (but that's another story for another time.) Activision first broke the mold of the average FPS that you would expect, and now the company is doing it all over again. The space aspect will literally take the genre to new heights.

More Of The Same For Battlefield 1

As for Battlefield 1, let's take a look at what the "new" installment has to offer. Aside from the basic running and gunning that every shooter offers, there really isn't much that it brings to the table. Different guns, different vehicles, different levels. Whoop–de–doo, folks, my excitement is killing me. I hope I can finish typing before my heart explodes.

EA is essentially taking a step backward when it comes to Battlefield 1. Reintroducing the Word War I game setting, it's not really doing anything special. And for those who weren't around for it, Battlefield already has a World War installment with Battlefield 1942. They're essentially rehashing the same game, only with a slightly different plot.

Battlefield derp.
Battlefield derp.

Let's take a look at the "vehicles" now. Horses. Why are there horses? Did we accidentally stumble into Spielberg movie? The horses in this game are pretty much just cars with fur on them. Nothing new is brought to the table. And don't even mention the weapons. Bludgeons and knives that won't even be fully available when the game comes out. You can sleep safely at night, knowing that EA is going to be slowly but surely letting out a small trickle of DLCs and exclusive content that will bring the full inventory of items to the game. Thanks again, EA, you lovable lug, for hurting the ones who care most about you. The rest of the game speaks for itself; planes equipped with unrealistic flight mechanics and sound effects that fail to embellish the visuals.

There Is One Win, However

One thing I will give to the new Battlefield is the destructible environments within the levels — but even they fall short of expectations. Just like the Battlefields before it, it's not giving much to the player. When you hear "destructible environments," your initial thought is, "Cool, can't wait to blow things up," only to be disappointed and less than enthralled when you topple that mega structure for the hundredth time. Instead of incorporating destructible environments in a thoughtful manner that flows with gameplay, EA parades it as a one-trick pony to coax gamers into spending their hard-earned dollars (or their parents' hard-earned dollars). Maybe that's why they have the horses now.

Zero gravity running and gunning.
Zero gravity running and gunning.

Setting A New Standard For FPSs?

When COD: Infinite Warfare comes out, it's going to set a new standard for what we expect from games. No longer will we be satisfied by the basic mechanics and dynamics of the standard first-person shooter, and gone will be the days of only running, shooting and dying. We'll look back on shooters in the past and think how could gamers live with such watered-down gameplay.

So this November 4, I'll be voting with my wallet for Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare and enjoying myself with some epic gaming with all the other COD players. Or hey, I might just buy Infinite Warfare and also Battlefield 1 on October 21 and have fun, because that's what it's all about.

What do you think about these two FPS? Let me know in the comments below.


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