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The reviews are out and finally it's happened! The king has returned! PES 2017 is a return to form for Konami's OG foul 'em up and it is an utter treat – when you're not getting your ass handed to you by its insanely good AI.

But one advantage EA Sports' FIFA series has always had over PES is official club licenses and an ocean-sized load of glossy polish, because there must only be a few of us who want to take to Konami Stadium's pitch as the mighty Arsenal FC to do battle against South Norwood (Crystal Palace).

So here's a helpful guide to getting real teams, their kits and the official emblems of competitions onto your PC or PS4 copy of PES. Trust me, it makes everything 1000% better, if that's even possible. And sorry Xbox One players, you'll have to manually update your teams:

How To Get Real Teams In PES 2017 On PS4

  • Format a USB flash drive to FAT32
  • Create a folder named 'WEPES' on said flash drive
  • Head over to PES World and download the applicable option file
  • The option file may be in a zip file. If so, download it to your PC/Laptop and unzip the file onto the USB stick, making sure every file is now snug within its flash drive
  • Pop the flash drive into your PS4 and boot up PES 2017's edit menu
  • Head to data management and slip into 'Import/Export'
  • Then hit X on 'Import Team' and check all the boxes in the next list window (depending on the option file build you may need to uncheck the files with underscores) and in 'Select Files'. Leave all boxes unchecked in 'Detailed Settings'.
  • If followed correctly the files should be installing automatically, which is very nice indeed.
  • Make sure to hit save when back at 'Data Management'

Now time for competition emblems. Unfortunately these don't carry across automatically.

  • So head back into 'Data Management', slip into 'Import/Export' and select 'Import Images'
  • Jump into 'Competition Emblems', click on each individual image and hit 'OK'
  • Then you'll have to edit each competition yourself in the 'Competition Category' menu which will sidle along after the image import is completed.

This will take a little while and will frustrate if you don't get it right the first or second time (speaking from experience), so make sure to load something funny up on your preferred mobile device to save your soul when the PS4 fully doesn't listen to your orders.

How To Get Real Teams In PES 2017 On PC


If you thought importing kits and the like onto the PS4 was hard, wait until you see the PC's method! And weep at how bloody simple it is...

  • Download the applicable or all patch(es), preferably from Pes-Patch
  • Follow the build's instructions then install the patch into your PC's PES 2017's folder (If you're Steam-powered, head into the game's Steam-common folder)
  • Then head to PES' edit file and check if the update has worked
  • ...Play PES

How about that then, PES fan?

Are you ready for the ultimate challenge of installing data files and then maybe taking your favorite team to the top?


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