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Do these words sound familiar to you? Don't try to deny it, we all cheated in a game or two (or more) when we were younger. While we justify our reasons, from, "I wanted to test it out," to, "I've rage quit so many times and I needed a little help," we're all guilty of cutting corners. Whether we were using cheat codes or products such as Action Replays and GameSharks back in the PS1 and PS2 glory days, cheating became the cool thing to do in a simpler era of gaming. With that said, here is a list of five games we all cheated in when we were younger.

1. 'Silent Hill': Walking Through Walls

"The lock is broken, I can't open it."

Ever been frustrated with the Silent Hill series' signature text whenever you try opening a door? Let alone any door, in a long hallway, where you only needed to go into one or two rooms just to progress the game? Well fear not, because there's a way to get past that frustration. There's a cheat code that allows us to go through walls and explore the outsides of the map without falling out, and you probably used it, out of curiosity at least.

2. 'Grand Theft Auto': Break The Game Rules

At some point in any Grand Theft Auto game, we follow the rules and go that extra mile by sticking to the road laws of the game, stopping when traffic lights are red. Then we discovered a few cheat codes, and there was no turning back.

We abused this power to override the game rules, to get infinite cash, full health, spawning weapons and, of course, tweaking the Wanted level. Along with many more codes to play within the game, it cemented GTA and so many insane, chaotic memories from our gaming childhood.

3. 'Crash Bandicoot': Skipping Levels

Crash Bandicoot may be one of the first games we started playing on the PS1 before we discovered that we needed a memory card (remember those?) to allow us to save our game progress. As an alternative option, passwords would also show up on certain levels in this game to help us pick up where we left off. We wrote down those passwords and then used them to skip levels if we restarted. It wouldn't be considered cheating, but we did like to brag to other friends how many passwords we wrote down, and then "help" each other to reach those levels.

4. 'The Sims': Endless Mods

The Sims is one of the most popular life simulation games of all time. It's fun to watch a family living their lives (not creepy at all), but the game can get a little bit tedious. That was when mods graced us with many extra features not included in the original game. From body sliders, to in-game features that overrode the main functions of the game, The Sims was given new life as players everywhere took advantage of these chea — er, mods!

5. 'Pokémon Red' And 'Blue': Infinite Master Balls!

For many of us, Pokémon Red/Blue were the first Pokémon games we ever got our hands on. We wanted to know all of this game's secrets and to be stronger than our friends. This is when the now-infamous MissingNo. glitch started to spread like wildfire. Before Nintendo knew it, everyone had Level 120 Kangaskhans, infinite Master Balls and rare candies! It didn't help that your friends also knew this code, but hey, you had your army of maxed-out Charizards! Don't even try to pretend you didn't cash in on this when you were younger.

We're sure there are plenty of other games you cheated in when you were a kid, but we chose our personal favorites from the nostalgia bucket. Which games did you cheat on when you were younger (or continue to cheat in today)? Let us know in the comments section.


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