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There's no question about it: Fans are losing their minds over the wait for Nintendo to reveal the NX. Venture to certain parts of the interwebs and you'll be greeted with the poisonous desperation, the crippling exhaustion and the downright madness of those who've devoted their lives to scouring the internet for anything NX related. For all those tortured by Nintendo's silence, waiting for the NX feels a lot like this...

But some have taken it upon themselves to channel their desperation into art! Beautiful art, that is.

Depicting what the NX could actually look like when we sit it under our TV seems to be cathartic for these fans. And they've certainly inspired us to hold on for that Nintendo Direct. If any of these designs came to fruition when Nintendo release the NX in March, we'd be delighted for the designers.

Feast Your Weary Eyes: Fan Designs for the NX Are Nothing Short of Glorious

Everything in One

Coming at you from Novwyi, this incongruous design is a combination of all the Nintendo consoles you loved. How you're going to hold it and use the nunchuck at the same time is beyond me, but that nostalgia factor, people!!!

A Little Sharp Round the Edges

You know when their name is rekt_lolz that they're bound to come up with something spellbinding. This particular design couldn't be more so. Sure, it looks a little awkward to hold, but when have Nintendo ever shied away from cumbersome controllers? We also like to think that the spikes on the sides of the screen are foam, but I guess they could be metal... if you're into that sort of thing.

Now For The Good Stuff

Punkonjunk knows exactly what they're talking about (we assume, we don't speak Japanese). With beautiful colors adorning at least one side of the device and a generally welcoming (if not a bit eschew) body shape, this could be the NX controller of your dreams. I also admire how the artist took those of us with pincers into consideration when designing the console. So respectful.

Even you can play, little guy!
Even you can play, little guy!

N(e)X(t) Gen

I'm going to assume this chap knows what he's talking about, but I'm having a hard time understanding what I'm looking at. I mean, I ain't got no degrees in design or anything, but it seems a little complicated. Does the iPhone 7 come with the console? Or am I buying that separately? Not quite sure. But I'm digging the U-shaped controllers. Player 2 will obviously have the smaller one in my house. Scum.

Puzzle Time

I... ehh... hmm. I'm struggling again.

I mean, the screens seem a little small here. I assume that vertical Zelda box on the top is describing the cartridge shape. I get that much. But the controllers only seem to have one button. "A," to be specific. And I genuinely can't see how those controllers would attach to the body of the NX, which appears to be melting. Hmm... curious.

Eye Candy

I admit that this person could certainly do with some lessons in Microsoft Paint, but grievances aside we're looking at a pretty standard NX design. However, the detachable screen is yet again an iPhone 7. What gives? The iPhone is also playing Mario Runner (took me a while to find out what the hell that said), which is not exactly the best way to market the console. At least I don't need a 4K TV for this one... Is that a robot wearing a hat on the left side of the controller?

Home for the Best of Zelda

We all know that the way to our hearts with the NX is a fanatstic Zelda gam... wait a minute... is that Zelda: The Wand of Gamelon?! F&%$ this dude!

Which console design inspired you the most?

Does anyone else believe that every time someone predicts the reveal date for the NX, Nintendo delay the announcement by another week? Sure seems that way.


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