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October is my favorite month of the year. It is the embodiment of everything spooky and brings out the best (and sometimes cheesiest) of the horror drama. Which makes it the perfect month to remind you about Night Terrors, the augmented-reality game that turns your home into a nightmare.

The concept is simple: Using augmented reality, your phone transforms your home/apartment/friend's basement into a horror movie. The execution is the hard part because, as you might imagine, making the game playable in all environments is a pretty big hurdle to overcome.

But the harder part may actually be completing the game. Not because it's overly difficult, but because it's terrifying. I'm not afraid to admit that I fired up the demo and then shut it off a few minutes in because I wanted to wait until someone else could experience the game with me. Thankfully, the CEO of Novum (via the CMO) had some good news when I asked about multiplayer options in future updates:

"We are diving into multiplayer options, as obviously we would love to pair devices and have groups of people playing together. It's a large hurdle technology-wise, but we're confident that we will have multiplayer capabilities in the near future."

Which, frankly, is excellent news! But it's also one that made me immediately wonder: How exactly could multiplayer work?

For Starters, It's Always More Comforting To Be Scared Together

Like I said, the first time I tried the demo, I stopped because my instinct was to wait until someone else was present to share the fear. However, the game utilizes binaural sound in order to make you properly hate your home and all its ghosts. So the first step in Option 1 of multiplayer, for me, would be to simply allow users to experience the same game at the same time.

In this sense, multiplayer would function essentially as a co-op game that offers the same experience with one player as it does with two or more. If one player — not me, though — happens to get too scared to move forward, the other could take over. Or they could strengthen each other and progress together, hand-in-hand.

But hey, maybe we can take things a bit further while we're musing, huh?

Alternatively, Multiplayer Could Require Coordination And Group Puzzle-Solving

Okay, this is purely hypothetical. I have no idea what Novum has planned or what's even possible with the technology — after all, the single-player experience is using some pretty new and impressive tech to work — so this may not even be on the table for quite some time.

But still, I'm an ideas man, and I would love to see some form of the game that involved teamwork to complete. For starters, it would help serve as a vessel to introduce more puzzle-solving aspects to the game. Maybe your phone can't see everything your friend's can. Maybe one of you hears something different and has to direct the other.

Or maybe the game could use this sort of multiplayer as a way to force players into the age-old trope of, "No, we totally shouldn't split up, but hey let's split up." After all, nothing would be more scary than expecting a cohort to accompany you in your horror journeys only to find out the game has other plans for you.

Whatever The Case, Multiplayer Has A Real Chance To Scare

I said it in my look at the demo, but the game is going to be scary no matter what. With multiplayer, the ways in which it can scare you would only be expanded. I mean, really, seeing a ghost above someone's head that that person can't see might make you start to wonder if you're seeing the game's ghosts or something else.

Of course, like I've said, this is all merely speculation — and more than a little excitement, to be perfectly honest — and we have no idea what exactly Novum has been working on with regards to Night Terrors and multiplayer. Maybe it'll be some of these ideas, maybe it'll be none of them.

Regardless, it's exciting just knowing that multiplayer isn't off the table. I'm looking forward to following the course of this game and seeing what it has to offer in the coming months.

What sort of multiplayer do you think would work well for Night Terrors?


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