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Stranger Things is hotter than Alabama Greenhouse right now and the episodic brilliance just keeps on coming. This incredible series has just been reimagined as an 8 bit game and is without doubt the best thing you will see today.

Stranger Things is set in the early ‘80’s and is littered with gaming references. After all, the show was actually inspired by various video games, most notably the Silent Hill series.

I just know that we do play and have always played a lot of video games so I feel like there is a lot of that seeped into the show.

This is evident throughout series one. If you look closely you will see many a Last of Us, Dark Souls, and Silent Hill references. Did you notice? Watch the series through again and let me know if you can spot any.

Stranger Things In 8 Bit Personifies Our 80's Nostalgia!

This almost flawless portrayal of the Netflix original series is pretty much perfect. What better way to enjoy a gaming based series than in traditional 8 bit glory.

The video comes from our friends over at 8-bit cinema, the YouTube channel famed for their epic 8-bit recreations of blockbuster movies.

The game begins with an awesome NES-esque take on the Stranger Things theme tune. At the end of the intro we see the player select Will as their chosen character. Things soon take a perilous turn as Will is quickly swept to the Upside Down. This then leads his 8-bit friends on a thrilling adventure to save him.

There are a fair few spoilers in the video so if you have not watched the series and plan to or have not yet made it through to the end I suggest you click away now. The video covers all the main plot points of the original Netflix edition – it just looks a lot cooler!

As a game it is all about collecting items and using Eleven’s powers to defeat the ever so evil Dr. Brenner. 8-bit cinema worked alongside David Dutton to produce the 8-bit reimagination and features music composed by Henry Dutton.

This retro vibe really adds to the depth of the series, the '80's theme reimagined in classic gaming form just deepens the level of nostalgia. I love this, great work 8-Bit!

Are you an '80's gamer? Did you spot any gaming references in Stranger Things?

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