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There is a special type of gamer rage that is often associated with playing multiplayer titles. It seems as if it is one thing for one’s failure to come as the result of the game itself — perhaps the difficulty level was set too high or there is a flaw in the gameplay mechanics — but a totally different thing to experience failure at the hands of another person.

Online gameplay really does bring out the worst in some gamers, in some cases in very humorous ways, and in other cases in very unsportsmanlike ways. I was recently speaking with a friend whose Xbox Live account was banned due to his pottymouth, and this got me thinking about the most common types of behavior one is likely to experience or action when playing a multiplayer game.

1. Trash Talking Opponents Or Teammates


Whether it's a 12-year-old telling you about your mother’s promiscuity or somebody suggesting that all you do with your life is play a particular online title, trash talking is a given factor of multiplayer lobbies. There are multiple reasons for why one may engage in trash talking. Some gamers (generally, children) do it to antagonize others, whereas some may just get annoyed by the fact that you are performing at a higher level than they were. One thing is certain, though: Trash talking is probably the most common symptom of gamer rage.

2. Screaming At Your TV Or Monitor

Sometimes the lack of progress you experience within a game is extremely frustrating. So frustrating, in fact, that it is enough to get you to scream the top of your lungs at inanimate objects. This is a symptom of gamer rage that is not necessarily limited to multiplayer games, but is generally a lot more noticeable due to chat options available with titles in this genre.

3. Breaking Your Own Hardware


Sometimes we have a bad day within a game, and sometimes said bad day leads to a broken PlayStation controller. Again, while destroying peripheral hardware as a result of gamer rage is not really limited to playing multiplayer games, it does occur rather frequently with them. Whilst I have never thrown a controller/mouse/keyboard/monitor against the wall in pure frustration due to my poor performance in a game (who can afford to?), I have had many friends who have — as well as even heard such activities taking place in the background in multiplayer chat sessions.

4. Rage Quitting


I never believe gamers who say that they have never rage quit an online game. Such a notion would suggest that one is either the greatest player to have ever graced a particular title, or that you have an unnatural amount of patience. Sometimes you get mismatched in a lobby in which the majority of the participants have greater experience or skill levels than you, which then leads to you performing a K/D ratio of 0.08 for that particular match and ain’t nobody got time for that.

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5. Reporting A Player


While I personally have never reported another player, I have many friends who have. Sometimes, the action may be just to troll a friend — I know many people who would be significantly annoyed if their online profile for a particular title was suddenly banned — and other times it was to report a player on the basis of unsportsmanlike behavior, such as making use of glitches that provide an unfair advantage. Whether you know it or not, most likely you have been reported before for annoying another player for some completely innocuous reason. Because rage revenge is real.

Are there any factors or actions you feel is common to the experience of multiplayer games? Please share in the comments below.


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