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When it comes to hunting down creatures, befriending them and training them, it's a known fact that Pokémon dominates in this field. But Level-5's Yo-Kai Watch has been silently sneaking up on the masses. Continuing the tradition Pokémon spearheaded on Nintendo devices, Level-5 comes swooping in with a charming, enjoyable, and rather fun series that draws players in with its unique approach to this style of gameplay.

The appeal of Yo-Kai Watch is mostly due to the friendly Yo-Kai, or spirits, that follow their human friend Nate around, connecting with real-life experiences so that we the players also connect to them in a very real way.

One such character that allows for this connection is Jibanyan, a red cat-like creature that had been hit by a car. Now, he haunts the location where he was killed. While it sounds like a painful real-life situation that some of us unfortunately have experienced, Yo-Kai Watch makes it digestible. But the game doesn't just feed us sorry incidents like this one.

Yo-Kai In Yo-Kai Watch Influence The World Around Them

Courtesy of Nintendo and Level-5
Courtesy of Nintendo and Level-5

In many ways, most of us find it difficult to relate to the stories that unfold in a game like Pokémon, where the cause and effect of your choices matter little. But Yo-Kai Watch 2: Fleshy Souls hits the mark. It's imaginative, yet realistic. We find a commonality between cause and effect in the world around these characters.

Indeed, one event that happens early in the game is when players unite Nate with his pal Jibanyan. To find Jibanyan, we must head back to the place of his passing — the intersection from Yo-Kai Watch. This odd spirit cat also happens to be the cause of car crashes that occur there from time to time.

In other portions of the game we see tension between Nate's parents. They seem to be arguing over which doughnut shop is better — Soul Doughnuts or Spirit Doughnuts. While players will find themselves trying to smooth the troubled waters, a cause of this dissonance could be that there are Yo-Kai around that are influencing the tense parental showdown.

Yes, the Yo-Kai play a large and enjoyable role in the world around them. And they do it in such a manner that it's quite believable for those of us wanting to fully immerse themselves in the experience.

The Take On Friendship In Yo-Kai Watch 2: Fleshy Souls Is Well-Crafted

Isn't Whisper just adorable? | Courtesy of Nintendo of America and Level-5
Isn't Whisper just adorable? | Courtesy of Nintendo of America and Level-5

Within Fleshy Souls there is an emphasis on friendship. Unlike Pokémon, this title focuses more on the fact that the Yo-Kai are intelligent creatures that have feelings, think as we do, and respond emotionally to the situations around them. In all respects, the Yo-Kai come off as people, and many of them display these characteristics as they befriend Nate and tag along on his adventures, assisting him in fixing the problems in their little town that their own kind are responsible for.

While some Yo-Kai influence the actions of people, there are others who can cause supernatural occurrences that humans would not normally experience. This charming aspect is important to some, and it is truly important to the game series as it explains the goings-on in our real world with a fresh perspective, giving parents and adults a hint of what they should expect to see within such a truly unique title.

Yo-Kai Watch: Fleshy Souls is a perfect follow-up that expands on the series and offers unique game characteristics for both children and adults to enjoy.

Will you be playing Yo-Kai Watch: Fleshy Souls? What is your favorite game for all generations? Sound off below.


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