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What can be said about Pokémon Go? It was the biggest mobile game in the world when it was released this July earlier this year, with an estimated 45 million people logging on to play the game at the height of its popularity.

The augmented reality hit was a worldwide phenomenon that had people walking around in the street on an ardent quest to hunt and capture new Pokémon. It made several news headlines, both positive and negative and brought industry attention to the true power of mobile gaming. It even raised Nintendo share prices (and lowered them drastically again after it was discovered that Nintendo doesn't actually make Pokémon Go).

Yes, Pokémon Go is huge, but four months after its release, in true mobile game fashion, it is already in steep decline.


Why Is 'Pokémon Go' Already In Decline?

A number of reasons have been suggested as to why Pokémon Go may have started fizzling almost as quickly as it rose, including the repetitive nature of the game, poor servers, glitches, and the physical activity required to play the game (because people, in general, are damn lazy.)

Overall, I believe that if anything is to blame for the decline in popularity, it's probably the natural lifecycle of mobile games.

Although Pokémon Go is the most popular and successful mobile game to have ever been released, there have been many others that have had similar stories of rapid rise and rapid decline.


Does anyone remember Flappy Bird? Or Candy Crush? Or Clash of the Clans? The world also went crazy over these titles when they were first released. These games may still have players, but nowhere near the number that they had at the height of their popularity.

People get bored and move on. Due to the fact that there are so many free mobile games available to play, there are no barriers preventing people from moving on and so it is able to happen rather quickly.

In reality, according to reports, Pokémon Go was already in decline a month after it was released, with statistical reports suggesting that a decline in players was already evident in August.


However, Pokémon Go developers Niantic don't really have all that much to worry about quite yet. The game is still reportedly bringing in about $2 million a day. It was also released in 31 new countries today, which may result in a spike in active players for a short period and raise already impressive revenue numbers.

Whilst it is still yet to be determined whether Pokémon Go will find a solid active user base that will be able to keep the game running long into the future future, there is no denying that it was a fun experience while it lasted. Until the next mobile game fad, I guess.

Do you still play Pokémon Go? Why do you think it has declined in popularity over the past few months? Please share in the comments down below.

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