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Diving deep into the abyss of space, Nic Cage wanted to explore where no man has explored, and name everything after himself, but with more annoyances than he could handle, Nic Cage turned to his only outlet of frustration.... GAME IN 60 SECONDS!

This week we release our latest episode of Game In 60 Seconds: No Man's Sky. The controversial game that ended up being a big ol' hype train with no pay off - and is now under investigation from the UK Advertising Standards Authority, as well as their Subreddit being shut down - finally gets the Nic Cage treatment we have all been waiting for.

5 Lies about No Man's Sky

#5 Hacking Locked Doors

So we can't actually "safely" get in through a locked door. Instead we have to destroy it, which will alert the space police, who will then attack us.

#4 NPCs outside of trading posts and other docks

Well, there wasn't much to the story anyway, but this could have helped bulk it up.

#3 Asteroid Landings

People have actually achieved this through mods, but come on - this should totally be part of the game exploration.

#2 Planetary Physics

Murray: "When you are on a planet, you can see as far as the curvature of that planet. If you walked for years, you could walk the way around it, arriving back exactly where you started. Our day to night cycle of happening because the planet is rotating on its axis as it spins around the sun. There is real physics to that." ........

#1 Interactions with other players

*sigh* So alone.

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