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With The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim coming out at the end of the month, gamers everywhere are excited to once again explore the lands of Tamriel — but this time in higher definition and with the ability for console owners to mod the game for the first time.

There is no denying that Skyrim is probably one of the most popular RPGs of all time, if not the most popular (this is definitely the case when it comes to internet memes.) In anticipation of Skyrim Special Edition's impending release, here are some of my favorite memories of the game.

1. Killing A Chicken For The First Time

Going to explore a cave or some ruins? Then you’ll need to stock up. You never know when that wheel of cheese might just save your life, after all. And what about that chicken you saw in the village? If you kill it, you’ll be able to use its carcass for meat. Wait, what? Why’s the whole village attacking you?

If you've ever played Skyrim, at some point you probably felt the tremendous desire to kill a chicken, just for a laugh. What you probably didn’t expect was that the whole town would come after you, lashing out because you committing avicide, which comes with an added 40 gold-coin bounty on your head.

2. Attempting To Kill A Giant At A Low Single-Digit Level


Now that you've booted up Skyrim, it's time to show everyone what a great warrior the Dragonborn is. And what better way to display this than killing a giant and its mammoth? Don’t forget to yell "Leeroy Jenkins" while you charge at it. Wait, what’s this? Why are you flying?

Basically, if you never ran up to a giant at a low level thinking that you would be able to destroy it after actually having only played the game for about 15 minutes, then you never played Skyrim properly.

3. Trying To Climb A Mountain By Jumping Instead Of Just Going Around It


There is no denying that perhaps one of Skyrim’s most annoying aspects is the fact that it takes forever and a day to travel anywhere for the first time. Woe betide anyone who is tasked with traveling to a new location in an as-of-yet unexplored area of the map as it definitely means a good 10 minutes or more of running to a new location. But, wait! Hold up! Who says you can’t just jump over the mountain that lies between you and the location you’re trying to get to?

In reality, you probably spent more time trying to climb a mountain through jumping than you would if you actually just took the accepted route to the area, but at least it seems as if it took less time in your mind, right?

4. Meting Out A Reign Of Terror On Villages As A Vampire Or Werewolf


Let’s be honest. Being a vampire straight up sucks. You can’t stay out in the sun too long; you consistently need to feed; and some villagers will be very afraid of you. While there are significantly less annoying disadvantages associated with being a werewolf, losing your rest bonus isn’t all that fun, either.

However, if there is one upside to this whole ordeal, it is the ability to transform into a vampire lord or werewolf and be the best monster you can be by bringing terror to cities and killing all of the NPCs within them. Just don’t forget to save before doing this, or else you may never have merchants to trade your unwanted loot with in that area again.

5. Crafting Your First Set Of Daedric Armor


You spent hours upon hours crafting tiny little daggers to increase your smithing skill just for this: The ability to build your own set of Daedric armor. Let those damn dragons attempt to attack Riverwood now. Thou shalt be avenged, Alvor!

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Will be available on October 28. What are your favorite Skyrim memories? Please feel free to share them in the comments down below.


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