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Strange things are afoot at the Circle K, and now Pokémon GO and Keanu Reaves might have something in common.

Last week Niantic quietly added 4700 Circle K locations to its portal database for their first game, Ingress. Pokémon GO, which shares its PokéStop locations with Ingress portals, is bound to be included in this update sooner or later.

Some users found that not all portals were performing double duty. At least two locations were quickly discovered to be solely Ingress portals.

Is this addition the beginning of more retail locations and possible partnerships? Pokémon GO gets people out into the world, and adding PokéStops to retail businesses helps bring more foot traffic and sales.

Sure, players may be glued to their phone when they walk in, but it's a lot easier to sell things to people physically present than when they don't come in at all.

Pokémon GO's initial popularity was a little too much for Niantic to handle. Given Niantic's issues since Pokémon GO's launch, perhaps adding these portals will help invigorate the game again?

They've recently had a rough time of it, watching the app's population decline sharply after its initial surge and even getting sued. Not everything is doom and gloom though. They added an update to more easily catch rare Pokémon and recently launched a new Pokémon GO Plus.

If you haven't gotten into Pokémon GO yet, take a look at these guides to get you started:


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