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Jeffrey Ryan Porter

Can you believe World of Warcraft is about to celebrate its 12th anniversary next month? Since its release, WoW has become a worldwide gaming phenomenon, with a major motion picture under its belt. People from all walks of life have taken part in epic multiplayer battles, amazing dungeons and out of this world raids.

Numerous updates and expansions have been released since the original (not calling it "vanilla," sorry). The Burning Crusade, Wrath of the Lich King, Cataclysm, Mists of Pandaria, Warlords of Draenor, and the most recent, Legion. All fun and great in their own respect, although none quite compare to the magic of the original. It was simple and sleek, fun for all, and offered up sizable goals. It was also responsible for some of the game's greatest moments in its history.

Thanks to YouTube, gamers have been able to capture and share great videos of their gameplay, sharing memories, laughs and hilarious original creations. Get ready for a blast from the past and enjoy these great moments from World of Warcraft all over again. It may even have you yearning to get back on!

1. Gnomish Engineering: Death Ray

Engineering was without a doubt the most fun of all the skills. Creating sticks of dynamite, death rays and the unforgettable mind control cap would allow for any class to easily take control of an enemy, computer or player. The death ray takes the cake, as in the original you could one shot level 60 with the device, which of course made for exciting shenanigans. Check out this video of a poor soul who fell to the destruction.

2. A Paladin's Blessing: 15-Minute Greatness

As an original Paladin, my life essentially revolved around blessing the group and raid — over and over. Then, after I blessed them all, I blessed them again. Blessings only lasted five minutes, so in a raid, by the time you blessed everyone, you would have to start over as the time limit had already run its course. Thankfully, in Patch 1.9.0, a 15-minute version of the blessings was released, and made it so you could bless everyone of a certain class in one easy click.

3. Looking Good! Molten Core Raid Gear

Molten Core. The O.G. You were the bees knees with raid gear. Molten Core was a big accomplishment and to be able to strut around in your awesome gear was a big statement. There's not much else to it than that. Just check out these awesome fashion statements!

4. Leeroy Jenkins: The Guy Everyone Knows

Even if you're not a gamer, you've without a doubt heard of Leeroy Jenkins and his famous chicken. YouTube was still in its infancy and this vid took the new platform by storm when this video was released, which showcased a guild's ill-fated raid. From his friends freaking out and trying to stick to the plan to his now-famous battle cry, Leeroy is sure to stay in the WoW history books forever.

5. What's The Internet For?

With the explosion of YouTube, it was only a matter of time before original content was being created. It's been a decade, but this song has stood the test of time. Using recorded footage from within World of Warcraft, the minds behind this morsel were able to use in-game actions and form a video to sync with their song The Internet is for Porn.

I hope you enjoyed looking back at these classic memories! Are you still playing World of Warcraft, or do you want to get back on for old times' sake? I know I definitely want to relive some of the glory days, and try some of the new expansions. What is your favorite memory from the classic World of Warcraft? Sound off below.


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