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The swinging '60s have made a not-so-triumphant return in the form of Hangar 13's Mafia 3, at least in the eyes of the PC community.

The highly anticipated sequel is determined to set itself apart from the two games that preceded it—though perhaps not in the best way possible—by having us take down the mafia gangs we were once a part of. While it's an intriguing premise, the game was lambasted by the Steam community minutes after it appeared online.

Frame Rate to Blame As Steam Users Attack Mafia 3

Mafia 3's framerate is locked at 30fps on PC. Higher framerates are something that this community are well adjusted to, so it's rare to see a game launch with such a low, unchangeable number. If you pop over to the game's Steam page, you'll be greeted with a deluge of negative reviews. Here are a few examples.

As you can see, while framerate is certainly the most popular issue discussed in these reactions, players are also complaining about crashes, bugs and low-quality graphics.

Poor launches on PC for even AAA games is certainly nothing new, but in order to quell the rage of those who anticipated a better version of Mafia 3 on PC, 2K have taken to the forums.

2K Responds, Promises Fixes

In a statement to PC fans, 2K let us know that they're aware of the grievances with Mafia 3's PC performance.

The team has been hard at work ensuring that Mafia III’s performance is consistent across all platforms, and right now the game runs at a solid 30 frames-per-second. We are currently working on an update for PC that will give players the option to play Mafia III at higher framerates.

They went on to say that they're "actively considering a number of additional post-launch improvements on PC" which should give gamers a bit more control over how the game runs, allowing them to tailor the experience to suit their rigs.

2K then updated their message on 10/6 at 6PM PT, stating that they:

"currently have a patch running at the studio that includes 30, 60, and unlimited frames-per-second options in the video menu, among other improvements for the PC version of Mafia III. [...] If everything goes well, we expect the update to go live this weekend.

Exciting news, folks!

With no industry reviews out for Mafia 3 as of yet, it's difficult to suss out what this game is actually like in terms of quality. The Steam reviews are mostly focused on performance issues, but with these aside, is Mafia 3 the game we really want it to be? Let us know if you're playing The Hangar's take on New Orleans in the comments below!

Will you be playing Mafia 3?


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