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Video games are obsessed with reality. Almost every AAA title in recent memory has attempted to replicate the real world with powerful physics engines and convincing voice acting/motion capture.

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But sometimes, either by the will of the engine or a lack of foresight from the development team, a video game will decide to shake off its physical restraints, shoot its captors in the face and throw the kind of fit that mankind reserves for places like the Jerry Springer Show or a 2016 Presidential debate. These, my gaming friends, are some of the most spectacular examples of said freak outs, all of them beautifully contained within Mafia 3. Let's do this.

17 Times Mafia 3 Proved its Glitches Were the Best

Take THAT physics!
Take THAT physics!

1. The Jesus Police

Time to rise to the occasion!
Time to rise to the occasion!

I know that Hangar 13 prioritized realism when creating their version of 1960s New Orleans, but someone needs to tell them that the Jesus Police have been extinct since the late 1600s.

2. Ehh... thanks?


"Yeah, Clay?"


3. The end is nigh

That's it, Clay. Drive into the light.

4. "Where we're going..."

You know how it ends!


5. Is this the truck?

And you thought you were having a bad day! Dude fell through the damn earth!

6. I need this man's legs

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooo... oh. I'm fine."

7. Jeez, talk about a lowrider

Ha... ha... Seriously though, that's some irreparable damage.

8. "Hey, uh, bro? There's something up with your mirror!"

This is quickly becoming one of my favorite glitches. It's like looking into another dimension! Like a creepier version of Twin Peaks or something. And it gets scarier.

Couldn't even rely on yourself in the '60s.

9. It could happen to anyone

All of a sudden you're just walking along the road and you find yourself collapsing through the concrete. Man, I've been there.

10. Purgatory, is that you?

Man, this makes Mafia 3 feel a lot more hallow. I mean, couldn't the developers have been bothered to create all the soil beneath the city? Sheesh.

11. Artificial intelligence my ass

He's like the opposite of a T-Rex.

12. Wow, where can I get one of those?

The tractor beam on this knife makes The Enterprise look like a $5 vacuum cleaner.

13. Can't wait for the mixtape

These lads already have the choreography down, so let's hope they can concoct some Southern beats to compliment them (not that they need any).

14. At least do your job, man

The dude literally ran over your co-worker. You got nothing to say? Nothing?

15. Collisions done right

Oh yeah, right, you explode when I touch you.

16. When swimming is life

How you like my breast... stroke?!

17. Boat love is the best kind of love

Is it the greatest glitch you've ever seen? The answer is yes.

Come across any Mafia 3 glitches of your own?


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