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Take-Two Interactive has registered new intellectual property that could pertain to an all new horror game coming from one of its subsidiary studios.

Take-Two Interactive is responsible for a number of AAA smash hit games. Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto is their golden child, but falling under their ownership comes other such acclaimed franchises such as Borderlands, X-COM, Mafia, Bioshock, Civilization and 2K's line of sports games.

Is Rockstar's next project a horror game?

The new trademark is titled Ghost Story, though there's little else information coming out of the studio. At this stage, the acquisition seems totally unrelated to anything we have seen before from T2. So what’s going on?

Take-Two are clearly looking to make a move into the horror genre with this title. The name alone, to me, evokes that nostalgic, adolescent fear conjured up at many a junk-food-fuelled sleepover in my youth.

2016 has been a busy year so far for Take-Two and their ancillary studios, with the likes of the new Bioshock Collection, X-COM 2, Civilization VI and Mafia 3 all releasing in the fall, it sure has been a busy one so far.

But what about 2017?

It all seems eerily quiet. Quiet enough for a Ghost Story? Take-Two certainly have the capability and the means to produce an all new horror game, but who would take it on?

Rockstar is still seemingly working on the new Grand Theft Auto game, with rumours that the sixth edition could be announced soon. And, let's not forget that we have had a flurry of Red Dead Redemption 2 (3) rumours hitting the news this year. With a possible Red Dead sequel and GTA 6 to consider this may be step too far for Rockstar.

So maybe not Rockstar, But what of 2K?

2K is a huge entity within Take-Two itself. Under their umbrella come such developer studios as Hangar 13, Irrational Games, 2K Czech, Firaxis Games, 2K Play and 2K Marin.

Now, 2K Marin are most likely to have what it takes to make a new horror franchise, though it is rumoured that the studio are already hard at work on a new Bioshock sequel.

But of course, at this stage, it's anyone's guess as to what will become of Ghost Story.

What kind of horror game do you want from Take-Two? Bioshock was creepy AF at times, something similar?


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