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The latest trailer for Pokémon Sun and Moon showcases new Pokémon, a playable demo, the return of some old features, and so much more!

But of all the information presented, Poké Pelago stands head and shoulders above the rest as a game-changing feature.

What is Poké Pelago, you ask?

It's a Pokémon Paradise comprised of different isles that focus on developing your bond with Pokémon, training them and collecting rare items.

Why Is Poké Pelago A Game Changer?

As has always been the case, there is the unfortunate depositing of hundreds of Pokémon into the PC as one progresses through a game. The pack only allows for six Pokémon and most of the time only five, because a slot always goes to that special first starter that most can’t ever imagine depositing into the PC on the first playthrough of the game. Poké Pelago seems to be the perfect solution and hints at a fresh take on old features.

Feel Guilty No More, Poké Pelago Is Here!

In Pokémon Sun and Moon, no longer will Pokémon rot away in a PC prison as in the past. PC Pokémon can now enjoy the Poké Pelago Paradise that consists of Isle Abeens, Isle Aphun, Isle Evelup, and one unnamed island that did not get highlighted in the trailer (more on that shortly). It seems that with this big introduction, The Pokémon Company has finally changed the formula to keep our Poké pals happier rather than trapped in Poké Balls until a Trainer decides to make use of them, if ever.

Poke Pelago Isles
Poke Pelago Isles

Poké Pelago will allow Pokémon in the PC to gain experience, find treasures, increase stats and so much more. Here is a breakdown of each of the isle and what we know so far about this much-needed feature.

Isle Abeens

Pokémon from the PC will work together to collect Poké Beans, which are the equivalent of the previous food item Poké Puffs from X and Y, and Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. As your Pokémon collect beans, the website states that “visiting Pokémon may sometimes choose to join your party.” In this instance, visiting Pokémon meaning wild Pokémon. The website suggests that your Pokémon will gain aid from wild Pokémon interested in the activity of collecting beans. Once a visiting Pokémon's message bubble displays a heart icon, it increases the chances of that guy making an appearance.

Give your Pokémon tender, loving care, and wild Pokémon will join you!
Give your Pokémon tender, loving care, and wild Pokémon will join you!

It seems that The Pokémon Company has really been working on the importance of relationship building. The Isle of Abeens is a feature that seeks to foster and present these ideals perfectly by treating your Pokémon well through games, and attracting others that see your potential to be a Pokémon Trainer who they want to become friends with.

Isle Aphun

In search of treasure, your Pokémon must work together to explore a cave. Some of these treasures can include evolutionary stones. An interesting description found on the official Pokémon Sun and Moon websites states that “once you develop [Isle Aphun], you may be able to obtain valuable items.” This is still unclear in a sense because it can be understood as upgrading an isle or discovering one.

Search Isle Aphun caves for rare treasure.
Search Isle Aphun caves for rare treasure.

Perhaps this means that a player may initially only start with one or two isles to get the ball rolling, and the more the isles are utilized by your Pokémon, the more the likelihood of unlocking new isles and new items.

Isle Evelup

On this isle, Pokémon spend time training and growing their levels. Mohn, the caretaker of the Poké Pelago, tells us that it's on this isle that experience-boosting drinks are offered to increase your Pokémon stats.

The smoothies seem to work much like the stat-boosting items from previous installments, such as HP Up, Protein and Carbos. Because it appears that more than one Pokémon can inhabit this isle at any given time, it's unclear whether one drink affects the whole isle or if a player has the option of giving the smoothie to a particular Pokémon.

Purchase stat and EXP boosting drinks for your Pokémon to help them grow in strength.
Purchase stat and EXP boosting drinks for your Pokémon to help them grow in strength.

Isle Evelup's function resembles the previous Super Training feature from Pokémon X and Y, and Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. Super Training focused on playing mini games to boost a certain stat, with the ability to add stat-boosting punching bags to increase the amount of boost given to a particular stat.

Is Love In The Air In Poké Pelago?

Lastly, there is that unknown isle that looked to have a waterfall, but it wasn't highlighted in the trailer. As to what the isle focuses on, it's still unclear, but it can be inferred that because of how the other isles are set up to use your PC Pokémon, it will most likely be in a similar vein.

Perhaps this mystery place is a breeding isle, where Pokémon can be paired up or find partners to breed for Poké eggs. There is little evidence to suggest as much, but a day care isle makes sense in the overall theme of building relationships and taking care of Pokémon.

Pokémon Sun and Moon will be released on November 18.


Which Pokémon isle is your favorite and why?


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